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Is Nick Foles the Biggest One Shot Wonder in NFL History?


Is Nick Foles the biggest one shot wonder in NFL history?  

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  1. 1. Is Nick Foles the biggest one shot wonder in NFL history?

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    • No, it's someone else

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On 9/25/2018 at 4:44 PM, Thelonebillsfan said:

And that answer is wrong because Williams was a good QB in Tampa.

I would hardly say he was good. He was adequate at best, imo. But I am not sure you can entirely disqualify wim either way. A guy who is only remembered for one game has to be somewhere in the discussion for "one shot wonders." It is perpetually considered one of the top SB performances of all time. Nothing he ever did before that game, or since, is anywhere in the same stratosphere.

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Doug Williams in Tampa did not have the 3rd highest passer rating season in NFL history.

  • Foles had to be a rookie on a 4-12 coach-killer injury riddled team. He was fine for a rookie (bad record, decent stats)
  • He was a top 5 player in the NFL the next season. He walked off the field with the lead in a playoff game and the special teams and D bent over.
  • His offense was a mess the next year (including him at times) but he still went 6-2 until Mercilus broke him.


  • Then Chump Kelly and Jeff Fisher derailed him for a year.


  • He had a 100 overall rating in 2 games played in KC the next year. They won both of those games.
  • Then came 2017
    • He came in cold in LA and he threw a terrific 3rd down pass to seal the game. (sealing the division)
    • He threw 4 TDs against the Giants. (sealing a bye)
    • He had an inaccurate game in a cold and windy outdoor night game on Christmas but still got them in range for the game winning FG. (sealing home field)
    • He was bad in an exhibition game vs Dallas.
    • He was great in awful conditions vs Atlanta.
    • He was the best player on the field in the NFCCG
    • He was the best player on the field in the Super Bowl, including Tom Brady throwing for 500+ yards.
  • He has played about the same as Wentz in 2 games this season with a depleted offense. 
    • Wentz will look much better with a healthy Jeffrey, Matthews getting comfortable and Goedert growing up.


Foles is 22-6 in his last 28 real starts outside of Jeff Fisher land. He is 26-13 if you count Jeff Fisher land.

He is 24-6 or 28-13 if you count his two long-relief appearances (vs NY in 2013 and vs Indy in 2016)

He has had 3 separate exhibits in the Hall of Fame.







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On 27/09/2018 at 12:31 AM, footbull3196 said:

Remember when Michael Irvin was touting the cowboys as being a super bowl contender for the next 10 years?  The dude has been nowhere to be found ever since that playoff loss to Green Bay

I wish I could have seen where Tony would have taken that team in 2016, if dak had been just a little worse to Start.

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