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Saints @ Panthers


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Not much we can do about Short's contract, but we're gonna have to invest some serious money and picks into fixing this defensive line.  Honestly its the worst Panthers defensive line I've seen since the Sione Fua era, probably even worse.  At least that team had young Hardy and Johnson.

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Cam Newton's shoulder is shot, Ron Rivera's clock management is still LOL bad, and this team is old and gonna need to re-tool badly.

I think based off Newton's performance for most of the season until his shoulder fell off that he will ultimately be fine for next year, but it is time we look into a legit back-up QB.  


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Cam Newton is awful. 

I feel bad for Panthers. They deserved to win that game.  

Good plan. Played hard.  Bad time management though. 

You have to be able to do more than complete a check down pass.

Holding call was bad late in game on key 3rd.  . Announcers said it was good. I disagree. Guy tunnels and guard just laid on him like he is supposed to do.  

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d line got no pressure. we need 2 new de's and a new safety. lb core is solid, cbs are young growing and solid as is reid (I hope we  keep him). beyond all that we still held the saints to 12. rivera needs to be calling the Def plays period.

O was putrid. not on norv IMO though. cam is toast this year. rest him. start another young qb and give him some exp since the season is now over. the O will be better with DJ moore and smauels and mccafrey. the D can be elite with some d line pressure. we're not that far off. but this year is done. look to 2019

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