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Shady on the Move?

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15 hours ago, bigbadbuff23835 said:

So you think a first round pick, which isn't even guaranteed to be a top 10 pick has more of a chance to be a better player than Kirk Cousins than not being better than him. The age for him shouldn't be a problem but if you wanna throw in that he's five years older than a rookie would be when we got him then you can add that into the equation. I think there's a far better chance that ANY team busts with their top pick than hitting on a top 12 quarterback. In essence I'm saying we get much better value back.

Team goes as QB goes. See how quick you get a rebuild when you have Cousins as your QB than with nothing at QB and a 6 top three round picks 

I'm saying we should shoot for the stars instead of continuing to settle for a QB his current team doesn't necessarily want.

Also, in what world is Cousins a top 12?

Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Stafford, Ryan, Luck, Roethlisburger, Manning, Carr, Winston, Mariota Newton, Rivers are all better QB's.

Cousins is in the same tier as Dalton, Flacco and Tannehil IMO. You can win and even make the playoffs a few times. But they aren't good enough to consistently put you at the top. Buffalo shouldn't be looking for good enough, thats how they've gotten into this predicament. 

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I would take Cousins over Winston, Mariota, and Manning, and probably Stafford as well.


idk maybe I'm completely off base here but I've watched a lot of Kirk Cousins and he impresses the heck out of me for a QB with literally zero running game.

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Shady isn't going anywhere so lets move on.

I don't know if my old account got deleted but with the new forum I can't re-sign back into it but this is Beast M0de lol

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On 8/22/2017 at 0:31 PM, bigbadbuff23835 said:

I'd do that trade tbh. Love me some Kirk Cousins.

I wouldn't and I'm also a Cousin-lover! ;) I don't have a problem with the value, it's the fit in Dennison's offense I don't see.


I do understand the link to Cousins via the coaching tree, but I don't think Cousins was the ideal fit as much as he was simply the best option on the Redskins team while Shanahan was there. Personally, in our current scheme, I'd rather see Taylor or a (healthy) Bridgewater or Hoyer starting under center. Even McCown and Foles are better fits IMO. All these QB's have had success in a short - intermediate passing attack while avoiding turnovers (11% to 33% fewer INT rate than the NFL average. Cousins, on the other hand, has had 10% more than the average NFL QB's INT rate in that same range. Cousins is actually equivalent to Fitzpatrick regarding turning the ball over on those intermediate 11-20 yard passes. I don't want that again! If we had an offense that focused on stretching the field vertically, Cousins would make far more sense. That's not what Dennison does though. Many of us complained when Rex tried to force his defensive scheme on a D that clearly was better suited to a 4-3. Planning to utilize Cousins in Dennison's scheme is the offensive equivalent.

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