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Pastor Dillon

Week 16 GDT: Texans vs Eagles

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We need to get the party started on this one. Its important to us, as we have a chance to do what has never been done in franchise history, and clinch the 2 seed this week. Granted its a long shot that the Pats lose, but we can still get a W and go into next week with a win and in approach. 

I have been doing a lot of simulations with the NFL playoff machine, and I can't figure out a way that we havent clinched a spot already. 

If we lose two, Ravens win two and Colts win two, we are the 6 seed

If we lose two, ravens win two and titans win two, we are the 4 seed

Ravens and either Colts/Titans are the only teams that have a chance to win 10 games, which could tie us, and it seems neither owns the tie breakers over us. 

Baltimore can get the 3 seed and we can fall to 6th, but I am still trying to figure out how we get to 7th. 


I do know this, if the Ravens lose tomorrow to the Chargers then we clinch a playoff spot before ever playing the Eagles, which probably means that we get smoked because we arent ready to to go. The Eagles are playing for the playoffs as well, though they will need to go 2-0 and see either Dallas go 0-2 or the Vikings go 1-1


As far as the game itself goes, its an interesting match up because we are built to stop the run, and they are built to not run it. 

The Eagles though rank 12th in passing yards, and we are 26th against the pass. Its going to come down to whether or not Foles can relive the super bowl run glory days, or can we get enough stops or drops to slow them down

Meanwhile the Philly pass D gives us more yards per game than we do. They are a middle of the pack team as far as sacks go, so that will come into play. We should have our top 3 WR all playing in this one, which will help. 

The Eagles are pretty stout against the run, allowing just over 100 yards per game, and we run more on 1st down than any other team in the league. On the flip side, Houston ranks 1st in yards per carry in the NFL. Thats good, but like i said earlier the Eagles rank 27th in rushing, so its likely not to be an area of impact anyway. 


Lets be real, Who wouldnt want to see Foles win another Super Bowl MVP this year? It would be an amazing story for a back up to do it twice, but thats not happening


The guy who should scare the texans the most this week is Zack Ertz. Hes a 1,000 yard TE, and we struggle covering TEs that are good. I think we should dedicate a safety to cover him the entire game, in the same way that you spy a running QB. Tell Justin Reid that this is his man, and play nickle all game if we have to. 

I am going to predict that we come in having clinched a playoff spot on Saturday and we struggle and lose 24-13. 


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i dont want to say this is a must win, but I dont want our playoff hopes to come down to us vs the Jags

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Sunday Dec 23, 2018 • Noon • Lincoln Financial Field • Philadelphia, PA

SportsRadio610 (610 AM, 100.3 FM)
Marc Vandermeer Play-By-Play, Andre Ware Color Analyst, John Harris Sideline


Houston @ Philadelphia Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts (Red)
Buffalo @ New England Greg Gumbel, Trent Green, Bruce Arians (Blue)
NY Giants @ Indianapolis Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon (Green)
Cincinnati @ Cleveland Spero Dedes, Adam Archuleta (Yellow)
Jacksonville @ Miami Andrew Catalon, James Lofton (Orange)
NO GAME due to local home game on FOX (Grey)

Updates: St. Louis and Cape Girardeau MO: NYG-IND to HOU-PHI (Red)

Flip Card: PDF

Officiating Crew:  John Parry

Uniform Combination: Liberty White Jerseys/Deep Steel Blue Pants

Weather: 39° F Clear Full Weather: Link 

Go Texans!

Go Bills!
Go Giants!
Go Seahawks!


Merry Christmas!

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I believe we can Clinch with a Pittsburgh loss to the Saints. 

It would also make the Titans vs Colts a win and in game next week, assuming the colts win today. 

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Hopkins was a game time decision, but he'll be playing. I have to think if we clinched yesterday, he'd sit out.

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Thank god Shareece Wright is inactive.  Interesting to see how Webster does. 


Also glad this guy is back.



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the eagles are a weird team we aren't historically good in any way but we never lost to the jets before or to a houston team before.


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This one will get pulled from prime time by halftime at this rate lol. This is what some of us expect our playoff game will look like. 

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