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TAET: This Ain't Eagles Talk | RIP Jlash


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Just now, ninjapirate said:

Well i do suppose he had nothing better to do than watch game film. Am right?

Imagine playing with all that pent up energy and rage, like a bull overloaded on testosterone. Pretty sure he hasn't been the same since marriage.

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Just now, jonu62882 said:

Mine look like I've been on a 3-day bender of sex, drugs, alcohol, and brownouts.   Like this minus the Hawaiian shirt.


Minus the shirt? So you went with the shirtless look, that's a true man right there.

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1 hour ago, Bednarik60 said:

Glad you guys could make it @Nabbs4u, feels empty with out you, seriously, your our glue that keeps this ship together. And i needed you,  i can barely control @Danger, hes been posting devil worshiping music and talking non sense all week, i think he joined a gang. 

You make me Blush. Wouldn't be a Forum without you Bud. Glad Webby didn't hold your past transgressions against you.;)

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