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Week 3 Games


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Favorites List 3.0

Tennessee over Jacksonville (H)
Buffalo (H) over Cincinnati
Dallas (H) over Miami
Green Bay (H) over Denver
Atlanta over Indianapolis (H)
Kansas City (H) over Baltimore
Minnesota (H) over Oakland
New England (H) over New York Jets
Detroit over Philadelphia (H)  (GD switch. Have a feeling DET might take this one...which means they probably wont)
Arizona (H) over Carolina
Tampa Bay (H) over New York Giants
Los Angeles Chargers (H) over Houston
San Francisco (H) over Pittsburgh
Seattle (H) over New Orleans
Los Angeles Rams over Cleveland (H)
Chicago over Washington (H)

Week 2 record: 10 + 6
YTD:  12 + 12


Preferred as opposed to projected winners:
Oakland over Minnesota (H)
Washington (H) over Chicago

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Just now, mikebpackfan said:

I thought this was a “wish” list?

Yes it was.....and is still titled that....but for two weeks now I've picked stupid winners and gotten my head handed to me (like MIA is gonna beat NE.....) - so I've switched gears and the picks are now more representative of who I think will probably win the games.

I'm not sure about the Eagles and Lions.......
I'm thinking DET might actually pull that game out.....so, its subject to change :)

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Just now, Packerraymond said:

The Packers are 2-0 with you starting this thread and providing your wishlist. 

I've already had to save this season twice and I'll do it again if wishes aren't posted in this thread.

Damn. I bet you guys hold stock in voodoo dolls as well :)
Here....let me help you all sleep at night. Some supplemental editing coming up.....

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Ben Fennell:

Been impressed w/ the play on the backend of the Lions defense.

CBs Slay, Melvin, Coleman (NB)
Safeties Walker, Diggs

Lots of man coverage. Group is flying around, getting hands on a lot of passes.

55.6% Completions (4th in NFL) 48.4% Completions on 3rd Down (4th)

Rashaan Melvin has been thrown at 18 times over the 1st two weeks - Downfield, Red Zone, Isolations - and he's been up the challenge!

Really, really impressed with Melvin in Detroit. Long/aggressive CB... Doesn't always get head around but disrupts that catch point consistently

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