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I don't understand Bruce Allen's decision making at all, involving Trent.


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1)Trent does not want to play here anymore. Imo, the reason of "Why" doesn't even matter anymore.

2)He's 31 yrs old & not getting younger. The trade deadline is looming & if you wait too long? You're stuck with him for at least this season. If you wait till the trade deadline to trade him? His value plummets, because teams know you're desperate to unload him. Even though he has 1 more yr on his deal. But a team isn't gonna want to pay a hefty price in draft capital for 1/2 a season.

3)Who's to say this isn't a current distraction in the locker room right now? How much it affects the team, I don't know. But it spills over the organization everyday. Not to mention all the questions from the media. Can the players stay focused? Can Peterson? All of which could be avoided in a trade.

4)When he comes back, what are going to do? Pull Penn, who's arguably been our best O-lineman so far? This could create additional problems in the locker room. 

And 5) If Trent does play, we'll he really play? Get our QB's destroyed? Get hurt after 1 series & be out for the season from some made up injury. Further decreasing his trade value? If he looks bad & rusty? Same result.

My point is?

I don't see how we win in all this, by keeping Trent.

We don't have a 2nd rounder, because of trading up for Sweat.

Wouldn't it be nice to maybe get more than a 3rd Rd compensatory draft choice for him. Of course....that's assuming we don't cut him outright.

Put the damn player on the trade block & start listening to phone calls!

Keep him out of the NFC East & call it a day.

I'd be shocked, if we couldn't get at least a 2nd.

That would be the only sane reason, that Bruce hasn't traded him yet. Because the return is bad. That, I would understand.

But I don't believe that, for a second. (Pun not intended)

7x pro bowler

Yea right...lol

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Another Trent thread?  

I think we've all hashed this out in the others.  Yes, it's foolish that we won't trade him.  Snyder and Allen are small mentally, and must control the narrative at all cost, likely believing bad press is good press.  Williams is going to let the fines continue to accrue and has no problem sitting out the season or retiring because he's made enough money over his career that he should be fine.  

Wash, rinse, repeat until we have some actual, substantiative news from one side or the other regarding this. 

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