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We Can't Change One Thing and It'll All be Better


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1 hour ago, MKnight82 said:

Fire Gruden.  Fine.  Fire Manusky, Great.  That isn't enough.  

This organization is a joke top to bottom.  Its going to take a lot more than a few coach firings to fix this thing.  And YES, there are talent problems on this roster.  I do not understand why people think this roster is so talented and the coaching staff is holding them back.  Yes the gameplans suck, but you don't get whooped by a pathetic Giants team just because of a bad gameplan. 

The Front Office needs to be entirely overhauled.  They need a new GM that has a vision and a plan for this team.  The most pathetic thing about this team is that based on the moves they've made they want to be a run heavy defensively strong team, except they can't run the ball at all and the defense is abysmal.  There is a complete disconnect from the front office and coaching staff.  Gruden is a pass happy, West Coach short passing game coach.  There is no consistency here.  

Fire the entire coaching staff for once.  No more of this pushing coordinators on the new HC.  Let the GM bring in his HC that aligns with the vision of the football team.  Let the HC build his own coaching staff.  

A frank discussion needs to be had about the roster.  Some guys that on paper were supposed to be great players aren't performing that way.  Some guys are aging and won't line up with our timeline.  Some guys will possibly not fit with the new vision/schemes of the new regime.  Everyone should be on the table to go.  The new regime will need draft picks to find players that fit their system.  

I know we're all fatigued with them always being in a constant state of rebuild, but honestly that's because they've never done it right.  For this to get better, they need to burn it to the ground and start over.  

This is good stuff. 2 things:

1. Bruce and Danny are never going to admit they need to be in a full rebuild. 

2. The culture of the Redskins sucks and its starts at the top. Allen and Snyder are killing this franchise. Allen and Gruden are not in any level of being on the same page and Allen does what HE wants. 

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11 minutes ago, Thaiphoon said:


What I've been saying for awhile now. We need to have a fire sale. "Everything must go!"

The problem is, everyone keeps saying "keep this guy, or keep that guy."  With all of the anonymous sources and other garbage, no.  I said even Kyle Smith should go, unless Snyder believes Smith is Moses and can deliver us to the promised land.  

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9 minutes ago, naptownskinsfan said:

The problem is, everyone keeps saying "keep this guy, or keep that guy."  With all of the anonymous sources and other garbage, no.  I said even Kyle Smith should go, unless Snyder believes Smith is Moses and can deliver us to the promised land.  

Ya I don't want any stink of this mess left.  Get rid of everyone.  

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6 hours ago, aceinthehouse said:

Then how do you explain coach Gibbs 2.0 taking us to 2 playoff appearances in 4 seasons, winning a playoff game.

Under Dan Snyder & Bruce Allen?

Bruce Allen wasnt around for Joe Gibbs. Gibbs got to the playoffs through dumb luck and mortgaging the future.

30-34 his second go around. 

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12 hours ago, Slateman said:

Bellicheck would accomplish nothing with an owner like Dan Snyder dictating draft picks and pushing his horrible management on him.


This.  I can't understand why some Skins fans still defend dan?! He's has been the only consistent factor for the last twenty... bloody... years!

The team sacked Cerratto; gone through seven coaches, two of them multiple times Super Bowl champions and the mediocrity ensues to this day.  dan has been the ONLY person throughout it all.  Despite the same tepid results he has refused to change how he runs the team despite the lackluster results.

And let this sink in..Jay has coached the most victories under snyder.   He's danny boys most successful head coach.

At this point I'm already more intrested in The Capitals than The Redskins.  At least Ted L cares about his organization winning and being run effectively.  I can't say the same about The Skins owner?

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On 9/30/2019 at 4:33 PM, RSkinGM said:

hhmm, that could be the bay with the bathwater scenerio . 

It needs to happen.  The parallels between the Redskins and Orioles under the ownership of Snyder and Angelos respectively is eerily similar.  Too much of a reliance on former Redskins and Orioles- players, coaches and execs at various levels- instead of competent people being brought in to assume control.  So much dysfunction where the owners want to be involved in every little detail, and so many anonymous sources cropping up throughout the years.  

As an Orioles fan, I just watched Peter's sons hire a young executive from a competent organization, who immediately went to work.  A couple senior executives were immediately let go.  Brady Anderson, our version of Bruce Allen, saw his power removed and finally resigned at the end of the season.  Many scouts and people in player development saw their contracts not renewed.  There was a rot for years as the previous GMs were never allowed to bring in their own staff fully and overhaul player development- which was filled with former Orioles, who just weren't getting the job done consistently.  There was a rot in the warehouse as I called it, and almost a year later, Mike Elias is still continuing to make changes, but the results from farm system/organizational rankings is there.  

Making that kind of decision starts and ends with Daniel Snyder.  He has to make the commitment and follow through with it, and get out of the new GM/President's way.  

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