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MKE Bucks Thread | Griffin ousted as HC after 43 games; Glenn takes over...no, not that one.


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That was one of the most frustrating games to watch, man. The refs were really bad. Thankfully, Giannis did Giannis things and Midds stepped up late despite trying to go full hero ball Brandon Knight for most of the 4th. Always good to get a win down one of your best players.

As far as Bledsoe goes, I'd offer Monroe, Delly, Teletovic (I know he just had a good game) and our 2018 1st for Bledsoe, Chandler and Dudley. I'd also throw in Vaughn just because...

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I would love to figure out how to get Kyle O'Quinn on this team...he's exactly what we need at the 5 right now.

John Collins with back-to-back double doubles for the Hawks...in a combined 39 minutes. Still pissed we passed on him for "all I am is long" DJ Wilson. At some point, we need to change how we draft to fit what we need. 

At this point, I'm hoping we somehow land Bledsoe and Chandler from the Suns. Giannis needs some kind of help and you're not going to find a 20 PPG type on the market very often. I know people probably don't want to lose Thon but I'd probably be okay with trading him. Probably stupid but I'd trade Monroe, Thon and Delly to Phoenix for Bledsoe and Chandler then trade DJ Wilson and Rashad Vaughn to New York for Kyle O'Quinn and two 2nd round picks (2018 & 2019 assuming they have them both). I'd then sign Kendall Marshall back as an emergency type back-up PG should we have any issues with Bledsoe and Brogdon. I initially thought moving Snell to the bench if we got Bledsoe was the best idea but moving Brodgon to the 2nd unit might help too. Not like we can't simply stagger minutes anyways.

Bledsoe | Brogdon | Marshall | Payton
Snell | Liggins | Terry
Middleton | Parker* | Brown
Giannis | Teletovic | Bolomboy
Chandler | O'Quinn | Henson

Can always bring in a free agent 3 or 4 too. Maybe bring back Gerald Green? I dunno. I just think that team is a far better team than what we've got going now. Minutes would be staggered so the lineups aren't necessarily set in stone so we'd be able to find the best fits for certain groups. Meaning, we wouldn't have Parker and Telly on the floor at the same time just because I've got them listed as the 2nd unit.

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The plan looks great to me BK. I would love to get Chandler, so tired of getting worked down-low and giving up second chance points. The Liggins development the last couple of nights is interesting. I really like the D he provides, if only he could make a wide open three like Snell can. Speaking of which, I'm pleased with his first four games. 46% from three, active on D, even got to the line a few times yesterday. I was concerned it could potentially be money down the drain like the Bucks other recent signings. 

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