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Wisconsin Badgers Thread | Fick got the Axe back


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10 minutes ago, titans0021 said:

I really think this is most likely and a hilarious bit of probably unintentional trolling of the fanbase.

With the way the insiders were going with it, it seemed more than what it probably is. McNamara and Flood were both hinting at a huge weekend.

EDIT - McNamara did, Flood is indicating that it's a running total which makes sense.

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10 minutes ago, WiscFan3 said:


Guess Burkett will leave, as he should. Evers vs Locke next year and the loser there probably transfers out too. Don't really understand this one at all, competition is great, but you're essentially recruiting a transfer to transfer again in a year, not a good look IMO. 

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6 minutes ago, Packerraymond said:

From what I read he "might" visit ND and UCLA but nothing was concrete.

Yeah same thing. LIS before, he wants to be a Badger so it could've just been backup stuff in case he doesn't get in. We'll know in 15 minutes because people seem to think this is him.

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