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2019 Panthers Off-Season Thread


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Well we gotta find a new coach I guess.

Eric Bienemy - Not even the play-caller for the Chiefs. So... not really interested.
Josh McDaniels - Considering what he did to the Colts and the fact that he's a member of the Patriots, guy seems like a huge snake and probably wants personnel control. No thanks.
Mike McCarthy - Coasted on Aaron Rodgers' talent and never seemed to get the Packers to live up to their potential throughout the past decade.
Matt Rhule - Not interested in a Big 12 coach or any college coach for that matter.

As far as I can tell these are the only coaches we've had interviews lined up with. I really, really want Greg Roman (Ravens OC, former 49ers and Bills OC) or Kevin Stefanski (Vikings OC) though.

We also need to begin a search for Hurney's successor. Reading between the lines it seems like we are gonna hire an assistant GM and Hurney is gonna resign once the off-season process is over or take a smaller role in college scouting. I know less about GM candidates but some popular ones are Lake Dawson, Dan Morgan, Brandon Hunt, and George Paton. I'd love to snipe Hunt from the Steelers, who Tepper has obvious connections with. Dawson and Paton were part of the sham interview process before we re-hired Hurney. Morgan is the same one who was our LB back in the day. Was a scout and personnel guy for the Seahawks and now Bills.

I'm not sure I want to keep any current Panthers staff, really. John Matsko as a "run game coordinator" could work. Our run game has obviously been great over the years under him and I imagine he helps with some OL coaching, though our OL has faltered immensely over the past couple seasons. Eric Washington is a good DL coach for a 4-3. Who knows if we stick with it under the new regime. Guy really sucked out loud as a DC though and our DL couldn't maintain gap control at all this season so not sure he's cut out for coaching a 3-4.

Free agents on the team include:
James Bradberry
Tre Boston
Ross Cockrell
Javien Elliott
Gerald McCoy
Vernon Butler
Bruce Irvin
Wes Horton
Efe Obada
Stacey McGee
Kyle Love
Mario Addison
Daryl Williams
Greg Van Roten
Chris Hogan
Jarius Wright

As you can see our entire starting secondary outside of Eric Reid and Donte Jackson is out. Our entire front seven besides Luke, Shaq, Short, Poe, and Burns is out. We have no depth at wideout and Greg Olsen probably played his last game for us. OL is in shambles.

Whoever steps in has a lot of work to do if they want to make this team a contender next season. Of course if Cam comes back healthy that will help immensely but if he doesn't... oof.




Not letting me @ anyone else cuz this place died. Oh well.

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McCarthy and McDaniels are far and away the best choices based off our candidates so far.  I don’t see good things happening with Bieniemy; I don’t really trust hiring an OC who doesn’t call plays.  There’s more to the job as a HC than that, I know, but it’s really risky. 

McCarthy gets far too much hate.  People say he rode Rodgers, but Payton had Brees and yet look how inconsistent they were for awhile.  Packers consistently fielded 10 win teams even when the talent around Rodgers started to fall off.  Like Reid and Philly, ish happens and a team and coach need to separate.  Plus he doesn’t get enough credit for why Rodgers is as good as he is anyway - he did a great coaching job there.

McDaniels is risky, but I think it’s fair to believe he’s not the same guy as he was in 2009.  It isn’t as if the Broncos were in the best spot when he arrived and it hurt him more so to have a first year GM.  Patriots have always done an excellent job getting everyone involved on offense and while having Brady helps, McDaniels has over the years helped orchestrate a very consistent, disciplined offense. He’s not a perfect candidate but compared to everyone else?  Easily my #2.

I think we will end up with whoever the Browns don’t hire 

Either way I have little hope for 2020 even if Cam is healthy.  The defense is BAD.  If we don’t re-sign Bradberry or Boston (who is also bad, but thinks he’s good), then we are looking at needing 3 new starters in the secondary.  And the defensive line, oh boy.  Addison probably isn’t coming back.  Poe and Short coming off season ending injuries; Short may recover well but Poe almost certainly won’t. McCoy has no reason to re-sign if he’s looking to win.  Burns is the only guy we can be certain on and quite frankly I have a feeling he’s always gonna be dealing with nagging injuries 

I don’t see how we fix this defense in an off-season.  

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Stefanski is my new #1.  Add Stefanski and Fewell to the candidates... although Fewell definitely won’t get it 

I love what I’ve read about Stefanski and hopefully he’s learned a thing or two from Kubiak.  

1. Stefanski

2. McCarthy

3. McDaniels 



4. Bieniemy 

5. Rhule


6. Fewell

I’d be surprised if we don’t get one of the top three.  



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Well we got Matt Rhule... 7 years for $60m. Can escalate to $70m. Also spent $6m to buy him out from Baylor. We promised him a "sports science department" which I guess focuses on healing the guys up quickly and preparing them for game. Dunno much about it. I'm assuming we'll get some explainer articles in the near future.

Bill Voth teasing exciting staff hires on twitter. I can't think of any exciting staff hires except for... Wade Phillips? Maybe he could make our 3-4 good? That'd be pretty wild. Not getting my hopes up for it. There are several articles saying he wants his DC to be Phil Snow, who was his DC in Temple and Baylor. Rumored OC is Sean Ryan, current QB coach for the Lions. Formerly QB coach for the Texans (Deshaun's rookie year) and was a coach for the Giants from 07-12, mostly as a QB or WR coach (including Odell's rookie season). I guess those wouldn't be awful hires.

John Matsko and Scott Turner are following Rivera to the Slurs. Along with our trainer dude, Ryan Vermillion, who I've always thought sucked.

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Joe Brady is sticking with LSU. With Brady and Wade not the exciting staff that was teased, not sure what else there is to expect....

Rhule interviewed Chase Blackburn about returning as ST coordinator. He also interviewed Kevin Gilbride and Pat Flaherty for positions. The were TE and OL coaches, respectively, when Rhule was the assistant OL coach for the Giants in 2012.

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I lied about Joe Brady sticking with LSU. Hope he works out.

We hired Frisman Jackson to be our WR coach. Worked under Rhule at Baylor and Temple though he was the Titans' WR coach in 2017 during Corey Davis' rookie season. Also worked with Taywan Taylor, Eric Decker, and Rishard Matthews (their leading wideout) that season. He also played with the Browns and Jets from 2002-07.

We are supposedly hiring Eric Cooper to be our CB/DB coach. He did the same under Rhule at Baylor and Temple... sensing a pattern here. Phil Snow, DC for Rhule at Temple and Baylor, is expected to be named DC soon. Baylor is making their transition from Rhule to LSU's DC at the moment and once their staff is figured out, I'm sure we'll start bringing over even more guys from there.

We interviewed Mike McCoy, Scott Linehan, and Ben McAdoo for, presumably, the QB coach/Asst HC gig. McAdoo it sounds like is more likely to go to the Jaguars to be an OC. McAdoo was the Packers TE and QB coach before heading over to the Giants as OC and eventually HC. McCoy was on our staff as QB coach with Delhomme was here.

Pat Flaherty finally did his interview today according to twitter.

We also hired Al Holcomb as a run defense coordinator. He was formerly our LB coach for several years.

Also, not sure if you guys saw this news, but Luke Kuechly retired. Pretty bummed. Some are speculating the Holcomb hire is to try and lure Luke into coaching for us, since he apparently loved the guy.

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Team officially hired Phil Snow as DC. Baylor's DL coach is headed over as an assistant DL coach and we are hiring the Colts' DL coach for the same position.

We also hired a guy from the Steelers, Samir Suleiman, to be our 'capologist.' Maybe we can lure Brandon Hunt away from them too!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...
Matt Rhule - Head Coach
Phil Snow - DC (Hired)
Mike Phair - DL Coach  (Hired)
Frank Okam - Ast. DL Coach (Hired)
Mike Siravo - LB Coach (Hired)
Jason Simmons - DB Coach (Hired)
Al Holcomb - D run game Cord.(Hired)
Joe Brady - OC (Hired)
Pat Meyer - OL Coach/Run game Cord. (Hired)  
EJ Bethal - Offensive Assistant (Hired)
Jake Peetz - QB Coach (Hired)
Jeff Nixon - RB Coach (Hired)
Frisman Jackson - WR Coach (Hired)
Brian Angelichio -  TE Coach (Hired)
Chase Blackburn - ST Coach (Hired)
Jeremy Scott - Strength and Conditioning Coach - (Hired)
as of 1/29/2020
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We hired a Baylor dude to be our VP of Football Operations... Sean Padden.

Glad our entire team is just a bunch of dudes who couldn't win a conference championship in college. Plus Marty Hurney. Minus Luke Kuechly and probably Cam Newton.

These next few seasons are gonna be great! Not getting awful Chip Kelly vibes at all!!!

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