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2nd Round (43rd overall) - TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame | Bears 2020 Draft

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22 minutes ago, WindyCity said:

I have watched a lot of him.  I would say his blocking improvement will need to be 70% technical and 30% man strength.

Most of his bad reps come from woeful positioning and dipping his head.

He goes high to low instead of low to high.  In other words he doesn't dip and roll his hips and explode into his blocks.  He just bends and and then blocks.  So he isn't getting initial power to gain that pop and leverage on his opponent.   

Good news is he seems very smart and always gives a lot of effort.   It can be learned, but sheesh, Notre Dame should have had him doing this already.   It's literally a basic spring and early summer football drill that is done 10k times, and every day.  It should have been muscle memory a long time ago.  I just played through high school and it still comes as naturally to me as breathing.   I couldn't do it different if I wanted to.  

Wait ...oh yeah he was playing baseball in Spring.  Just thought of that as I was typing.  Well.  Dang.   ND Coaches should have noticed and made him do basic fundies 10k times when they had him instead of doing what everyone else was doing.





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