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Your Top 10 wins in your franchise history


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This is just off the cuff. And it's going to be different for everyone as people may only want to include wins that they themselves were witnesses to. Most of the NFL teams go back decades and decades, so it's not expected that everyone cover the entire history of the franchise. Not really making the thread about that. Nevertheless, I'm interested to hear what people have to say about their team's legacy in terms of important wins. 

My list for the 49ers: 

1. 1981 NFC Championship: The Catch, the changing of the guard, yada-yada. It would be hard to knock this off the top spot.

2. Super Bowl 16: First championship for any professional sports team in the city of San Francisco.

3. Super Bowl 29: First NFL team to win five championships. Steve Young is granted NFL immortality as a champion.

4. Super Bowl 24: Coronation for the 49ers as team of the 1980's. 

5. 1994 NFC Championship: 49ers finally take out their tormentor over the last two seasons in the playoffs. Stop the Dallas three peat. 

6. Super Bowl 19: Dominant team in NFL history takes out another dominant team in NFL history for it's second Super Bowl title in franchise history. 

7. Super Bowl 23: Three rings for Walsh as he rides into the sunset a champ. Dramatic finish to a decent game. Joe Montana's legend grows even further. 

8. 1998 NFC Wild Card: AKA "The Catch II". 49ers and Steve Young finally beat the Packers after 5 straight losses, including three in the playoffs. 

9. 2011 NFC Divisional Round: AKA "The Catch III". Wild game between the 49ers and Saints that year who both finished 13-3. Another dramatic finish at Candlestick.

10. 1988 NFC Championship: The 49ers head into Chicago for the second time that season riding a late season surge. The Bears get cut down to size in their own house 28-3. 

Honorable mention: 1981 Week 6 Cowboys at 49ers: Before the NFC Championship game there was this meeting that put Dallas on notice. 49ers murder Dallas 45-14, and get revenge from the previous year's 59-14 beatdown. 

Honorable mention: 1995 Week 11 49ers at Cowobys: Steve Young was hurt. The 49ers were 5-4 coming off two straight embarrassing home losses to the lowly Saints and Panthers were they scored a combined 14 points. Cowboys were 8-1, and at home as 13.5 point favorites. 49ers media didn't even travel with the team as they predicted a blowout for Dallas. 49ers still smacked them down 38-20 despite the odds. 

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1. Super bowl XLII over the pats

2. Sneaker game 1934 championship, prevent a bears undefeated season and score 27 unanswered 4th quarter points to win 30-13. The bears were also on a 18 game win streak. Coincidence?

3. Super bowl XXI, Giants were bad for decades, big win for the franchise

4. '90 NFC championship game over the niners

5. Wide right

6. Championship game over the Packers in '07.

7. Blocked field goal from JPP clinches come back win, probably don't make the playoffs without that win

8. '81 wildcard versus eagles, first playoff win in decades

9. 2000 over the Vikings, combination of good Giants play and horrid Viking play leads to blowout tv analysts expected, just not the Giants to do the thumping

10. 2009 win over the cowboys, first game in the new stadium


EDIT: so I'm not sure where to put it, but the 98 game against the broncos when we were trash and they were 13-0. Great game.

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Tuck Rule

Classic case of needing a clean kill against NE. Any luck or chance that team got, they took advantage 

AFC Championship game at Chiefs (2018)

Still can't believe we converted three 3rd and 10s in arrowhead

We're on to Cincinnati (2014)

I see the rage in Tom's eyes on this one. Knifing through their defense after the world proclaimed he was done. This week launched that SB season.

The Comeback vs Manning (2013)

Probably lower on your lists, but this one got me good. I was 99.9% sure we were losing to Manning at home and the crows were circling. What a comeback 

Superbowl LIII 

Shutting down that Rams offense like that....I didn't think it could be done.

Super Bowl XXXVIII over Carolina

clutch. Both teams landing blows on each other in th 4thQ. Ultimately they succumbed to pressure. 

Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams (20th)

Legend is born. 14-point underdogs against the greatest show on turf.

Ravens Divisional Game (2014)

Coming back from two 14 point deficits, that Edelman/Dola play, this game typifies what the Patriots had been under BB and TB -  never dead. Arguably the best game played at Fox

Superbowl XLIX 


Superbowl LI 



Tried finding room for any pre-2000 but...they just can't compete with this era. Every big game seemed to be drama.

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HM: 1994 win vs. Broncos in Mile High (31-28): Chiefs first win in Denver in many years, Montana beats Elway on Monday Night Football 

10: 1966 AFL Championship vs. Bills (31-7): Chiefs go into Buffalo and trample the Bills, sending the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl in franchise history 

9. 1993 AFC Divisional vs. Oilers (28-20): Joe Montana works his last bit of magic and rallies Chiefs on the road to beat the 2nd seed Oilers

8. 2011 win vs undefeated Packers (19-14): Lowly Chiefs deny the Packers a 16-0 season

7. AFC Wildcard vs Texans (30-0): First playoff win in 22 years

6. 2018 AFC Divisional vs Colts (31-13): It let everyone know that the Chiefs were different with Mahomes, and finally turned KC into a feared postseason team. Underrated but necessary win

5. 1969 AFL Championship vs Raiders (17-7): Chiefs go into Oakland and wrap up a Super Bowl IV appearance

4. 2019 AFC Divisional vs. Texans (51-31): Rallying from a 24-0 deficit to wreck Houston was an alltime great game. The Chiefs refused to be denied on the Super Bowl run. 8 straight scoring possessions and a 51-7 scoring run in a record breaking comeback 

3. 2019 AFC Championship vs. Titans (35-24): Glorious game. Chiefs win first Lamar Hunt Trophy, and did it in convincing fashion vs. a red hot team that had owned us in recent years. Considering the circumstances and the 50 year drought, arguably the sweetest win in Chiefs history, but I can’t rank it over real Super bowl wins

2.Superbowl IV vs. Vikings (23-7): Won as huge underdogs 
1. Superbowl LIV vs. 49ers (31-20): No explanation needed

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Ones that I remember personally watching (which, I suppose since this is GB's centennial season, and my memories go back to, say, 1987, that covers about 1/3 of GB's games)

10. vs Det, wk 17 2011, 45-41 - do you like offense? I like offense. I'll admit, this game was meaningless to GB. Probably didn't have that much meaning to the Lions either, since they were locked in as a WC team (though it's easy to think they'd prefer being a higher seed and going up against the 9-7 Giants than the 13-3 Saints). But it's tough not to love a game where the 2 QBs rack up 1000 yds passing and 11 tds between them. 

9. vs Sea, NFC Div 2007, 42-20 - after Seattle went up 14-0 early, I was thinking "oh man, we were KILLING people, sucks it ends like this!"...but it didn't. GB outscored them 42-6 the rest of the way in a snowstorm. Just a blast.

8. vs Det, NFC WC round 1994, 16-12 - whereas the next game was a barnburner, this was a slugfest. Probably not the most aesthetically pleasing game, but when you see the stat line "Sanders 13 - (-1)" you know you just saw something special. 

7. vs Det, 1993 NFC WC round, 28-24 - this may not have had everything, but it had a lot - lead changes, record-setting int returns, Sterling Sharpe (the finest GB WR I've ever had the pleasure to watch) having a MONSTER game (5-101-3), Barry Sanders (the finest RB I've ever had the pleasure to watch) doing likewise, and oh yeah GB winning on a desperation heave late in the 4th. 

6. vs Chi, 33-6, wk 8, 1994 - GB had around what felt like a decade of futility vs Chicago starting in 1992. This, however, was *chef kiss* - in a monsoon on MNF, GB just thrashed the Bears, running for 200+ yds and 4 td on a night where Favre didn't do a thing with his arm (he did bust off a nice long td run). It's made even sweeter by the knowledge that as bad as this was, GB beat them worse in December. 

5. vs Chi, 14-13, wk 9, 1989 - aka "The Instant Replay Game" - now, know this - if there's one thing GB fans hate, it's LOSING TO THE BEARS. So after a string of Chicago having one of the all-time great teams (those 84-88 teams winning only one SB might actually turn the whole stretch into a bit of a disappointment), and GB not having a lick of success for 4 entire seasons, GB fans were less likely to worry about this being a win on a bad-call techinicality vs a down-year Chicago team and far more likely to drink the city out of brandy and Miller Lite. 

4. SB XXI - "how can a SB be below 2 divisional games?" one might wonder; simple - going into the season GB had that Team of Destiny feel. Being in the SB is awesome, but there's also that feeling of "this is the best shot in 30 yrs; what happens if they DON'T win?" It gets a bit worrisome, especially down 14-10 to a good team that has Bill Parcells coaching it. 

3. vs Atl, NFL Div playoffs, 2010 - just an absolute laugher. Over before the half. Rodgers was so on it was ridiculous.

2. vs SF, NFL Div playoffs, 1995 - the first playoff win vs an elite NFL franchise in, oh, almost 30 yrs. GB was up and coming, but this one they came out and punched SF in the mouth. The first game where as fan I felt like a good GB team could be great

1. SB XLV - after riding out a wave of injuries during the regular season and during the game (Charles Woodson, a DMVP-caliber factor, left before the half with a broken collarbone), GB caps a roller coaster season with a SB win. 

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No order:

Super Bowl 51 - 28-3; nuff said.

2004 AFC Championship - Completely shutdown the league MVP that broke a 20 year old record on 67 less attempts. Literally led the league to changing defensive rules to benefit Golden Boy.

Super Bowl 36 - Birth of the dynasty.

2018 AFC Championship - Did not expect this win at all.

2006 Divisional - San Diego had the league MVP and ELEVEN Pro Bowlers. compared to our two (Tom Brady wasn't even one of them). Despite a bad day from Brady, the team still somehow found a way to escape San Diego with a win. Troy Brown's strip to keep us in the game cemented him as an all-time great Patriot.

Super Bowl 49 - The dynasty reborn.

Week 5 2014 - Oh, we sure were on to Cincinnati alright. This game showed Brady was far from done.

Week 12 2013 - Our offense had been inconsistent all year and we were going against the highest scoring team of all time.

Week 12 2012 - Buttfumble.

Week 17 2003 - We opened that season losing to Buffalo 31-0 and having people question if Super Bowl 36 was a fluke. We ended the season on a 12 game win streak and hilariously beat Buffalo 31-0.

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1. 1972 immaculate reception game vs Oak( the moment a new era of steelers football had arrived)

2. SB43( one of the greatest endings in SB history in a all-time classic SB)

3. SB13( win in one of most hyped games in sports history and taking the title as the team of the 70s)

4. SB9( a dynasty was born)

5. 2005 Div win vs indy(I  think of this game more than that dud of a SB when thinking of that 05 title run tbh)

6. SB40( 1st SB win for a whole new generation of fans)

7. SB10 win( highlight reel SB that helped sparked the 70's rivalry between the steelers and cowboys)

8. 1995 conf win vs Indy(thrilling ending and return back to the superbowl)

9. SB14 Win( a nice cap off win for the 70s dynasty played in the beautiful Rose Bowl)

10. 2008 conf win vs Bal( classic physical match-up that elevated the steelers vs ravens into one of best rivalries in all of sports)

HM: 2002 steelers vs Browns WC(absolute crazy game between rivals in the snow..its a shame it does not get mentioned more when people bring up painful Cleveland sports memories xD)

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1. Super Bowl 52 vs. Patriots: Beat the greatest dynasty ever in a shootout. Also, no more “no rings” jokes.

2. 2017 NFCCG vs. Vikings: Stress-free game. Watching all of the fans do the Skol chant as ‘Foles’ was hilarious. 

3. 2004 NFCCG vs. Falcons: The McNabb/Reid/Dawkins era-Eagles finally get over the hump after choking the previous two years. Dawkins’ post-game speech was inspirational lol.

4. Miracle at the Meadowlands III vs. Giants: One of the all-time comeback wins with a walkoff punt return. The 2010 Vick-led Eagles were so fun to watch. 

5. 2003 Divisional Round vs. Packers: The 4th and 26 game - McNabb had an incredible performance. I really thought that 03’ was going to be the year after this win.

6. 2008 Divisional Round vs. Giants: One last hurrah for McNabb and Reid. They had a Cinderella run in the playoffs that included an upset over the #1 seeded Giants.

7. 2018 Wild Card vs. Bears: The Double Doink game. I swear that if Brandon Brooks and Fletcher Cox don’t get injured the Eagles beat the Saints the next week and go on another miracle Foles run.

8. 44-6 drubbing vs. Cowboys: The 08’ Eagles sneak into the playoffs after destroying the Cowboys and having two other teams miraculously win. I was at this game with my uncle who’s a Cowboys fan lol.

9. Tie - Clinching the division in the final week of 2013 / blowing out the Cowboys on thanksgiving in 2014: The Chip Kelly era stunk but both of these huge wins against the Cowboys were sweet.

10. Tie - 2001 Divisional Round vs. Bears / 2006 Wild Card vs. Giants: The Eagles winning on the road in 01’ against the Bears started their dominance as the top NFC team for a couple years. 2006 was a fun year with Jeff Garcia leading the team to countless wins down the stretch.

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