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Bills extend All Pro CB Tre White


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2 hours ago, Nick said:

Last piece of the puzzle is Matt Milano.

Beane needs a massive extension too. Wish he could run the Sabres too..

Do we have the flexibility for Milano still?

The Sabres are on the Pegulas imo. When Harborfront opened there was way, way too much emphasis put on NCAA scouting and we bumbled our draft equity. 

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This is great, it gives the bills flexibility without having to hit that $18+ mil marker which I thought was going to happen as it is an extension and not a flat out new contract. 

As for Milano I just do not see them being able to lock him in with other guys needing to be locked in long term. I think Murphy staying on the team with an $8 mil clearing could have been financially beneficial to help assist in trying to lock Milano up but Beane saying his locker room presence was a key to keeping him. I think this and the signing of Star are really the only 2 knocks I have really had a hard time on with Beane but outside of that he has been nailing his job and hopefully everything works out. 

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Not sure what the overall numbers are for Ramsey but him getting 5 years $105 mil extension making his overall 6 year deal $118 makes Beane look like a genius with the 6 years $81 mil that Tre gets. We get the overall better CB, the non diva type and a cheaper overall deal that makes both sides happy.  

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