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Pastor Dillon

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2 hours ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Watson hasn’t thrown an INT in 5 straight games. On pace for 32 TDs. Man the right coach can make him an MVP

I love DeAndre Hopkins - but Watson is thriving without him, and that gives me hope for the future.

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Cunningham has been a major disappointment this season. But at least he leads the NFL in tackles. That’s something for all that money. 

im hopeful that the right coaching staff will get the most out of our overpaid defensive guys. 

if I was a betting man, I’d say the following guys are released this off season 

JJ Watt

those 3 moves save 24 million dollars

trading Roby saves us I believe 9 million. 

just leaves us needing lots of defensive help late in the draft 

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54 minutes ago, Pastor Dillon said:

Watson was named AFC offensive player of the week. Dude was a beast. It’s amazing how good he is when the offense isn’t stubbornly trying to establish the run despite our inability to run. 

watson is gonna win an MVP someday and possibly a super bowl ring. 

I shared this in General:

17 hours ago, ET80 said:

Since Bill O'Brien was fired, Deshaun Watson has been playing some inspired football...

149/210 (71%) 1,791 14TDs/2INTs. (115 QB Rating)

Watson has thrown 183 passes without an INT in this time as well (last pick was Week 5 vs Jax).

A sidenote - Ross Tucker from NFL.com was on 610, and he was gushing about Watson's TD run, when he ran over one of the McCourty twins. His comment could be summed up as this: The Texans are 2-7 going into that game, out of the playoff hunt. There's nothing to play for, but the QB is lowering his shoulder and bullying a DB for a TD. You can't teach that sort of passion or intensity, that's a trait you find in guys like Brady, Jordan, Kobe...

There is a lot of truth in that. Watson isn't playing for a contract or a playoff berth - he could dial it down and just go into protection mode, put up good numbers in the process... and nobody would fault him. But, he's not wired that way, he's looking for a W on every single play and he'll play every game as if he's got 2:00 left in the Super Bowl.

Special is an understatement. People may not see it now, but he's going to catch up to Mahomes and make this a two QB conversation.

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Since BoB was fired, Watson has gone to another level...

166/235, 2,109 yards 18TDs/2INTs. He hasn't thrown a pick since the first Jax game.

We're watching an elite QB at the top of his game. If the Texans were in the playoff hunt, Watson would be getting MVP consideration.

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Watson is on pace to be sacked 40 times this year. Still too much but would by the fewest of his career. 

watson is going to pass David carr to become 2nd all time in passing yards behind Schaub  it’s gonna take a few years for him to pass Schaub 

He’s slightly behind pace to break the single season passing record. He would need to average 314 yards per game to get there. 

hes 6 TDs away from the all time single season record. Next year he should become the all time leader in TD passes. 

Fuller needs to get 1TD a game over the last 5 and he will tie Hopkins single season TD record. 

both Fuller and cooks are on pace to become the first 1,000 WRs in Texans history not names Andre Johnson or Deandre Hopkins. Ironically Cooks would be the first one that wasn’t a 1st round pick by the Texans. 

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Mahomes and Brady went nuts yesterday. Watson is now in 3rd play in passing yards. His only hope of catching Mahomes is that Mahomes sits week 17 to rest. I wish we would let Watson sling it like they do Mahomes. Our coaching staff would have a heart attack if we threw for over 200 yards in the first half. 

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So, Will Fuller is 33 yards behind Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins, with double the TDs (8 for Fuller, 4 for Hopkins). 

I don't think anyone would say Fuller is on the same level as Hopkins, but... the numbers are painting a different story.

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