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Nagy needs to hand over play-calling duties.

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On 11/19/2020 at 8:28 PM, topwop1 said:

For anyone who follows him on Twitter, NFL analyst Warren Sharp had some interesting comments to say about the Bears offense on a podcast he did recently. He basically compared it to a chef overcooking a steak again after you sent the first one back to get re-cooked because the first chef also over cooked it.

He said it's absolutely a play calling issue when it comes to this team even though he acknowledges Bears don't have the best OL. 

He mentioned how Bears have a lot of success running out of 12 personnel yet they rarely ever do so for some odd reason despite having numerous tight ends on the team. Says they run too many 3+ WR sets which is killing the offense and making them too predictable.

Also goes on to say that it's such an obvious fix that it frustrates him to see it continue happening game after game after game and that the team is capable of putting out a way better product on offense then they have showed.

Whoever the next GM/HC combo of this team is I hope they will hire guys that believe in taking an analytical approach to this game because it appears these guys don't know what they're doing.

So do I. But both should/need to be balanced. 

I don't necessarily want a staff that is hell bent on analytics either like the Browns were a few years ago. That can be crippling. 

The RIGHT kind of analytics certainly have a place in football strategy but it should never completely replace/erase human knowledge and instincts. (PFF is not included in this discussion)

On 11/20/2020 at 9:30 AM, Nads786 said:

I don't think you need analytics to know Lamar Jackson would not be a good fit for NE's scheme. This lack of common sense is what's Nagy's problem. I keep seeing us run out of shotgun formation even though we almost always have zero sucess.

This team was much better offensively under center with a good PA game. 

That's because of Foles can't work from under center. His lack of mobility, accuracy, pocket presence, and field awareness is limited to the Shotgun formation. Which is a crux in itself in the running game since Monty can't work from under shotgun and is better under center. Monty lacks explosiveness and is best running plays from under center where he can pick up speed before getting the ball. IIRC, his longest run of the run of year was a play from under center against the Saints. 

This was one of my very first concerns when Foles was named the starter this year and I remember mentioning it (I'll see if I can find the it).   



Will Nagy change his play-calling for Foles? 

Our run game has worked better since Nagy started using a more heavy offense and calling more plays from under center instead of shotgun. But Foles is better from shotgun. He seem to have trouble from under center last week. 

--1st and 10, rolled to his right then turned around and threw a ugly screen attempt to the opposite side of the field that went OOB. Tedd Ginn was a wide open, right in front of him, 25 yards downfield. 

^This may be why Nagy only called one more pass from under center. The rest were shotgun.

I've been calling for this change for 2 years now so I was glad to see it. Monty is better suited for this because he's a downhill runner with good vision but doesn't have the fastest first step and it allows him to pick up speed and momentum before hitting the lanes. Cohen is better suited out of the shotgun formation for the opposite reasons. Patterson is a mix of both (good and bad). But Cohen is done now so it puts more pressure on Monty/Patterson. 

Now, I don't know if this change was made to help Mitch or whether it was Nagy putting emphasis on the run game like he talked about all offseason. I guess we'll find out. I just hope if he goes back to using more shotgun that it doesn't hurt the run game in the process. 

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