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BDL 2020 Week 8 - Seoul Dragons @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts


Seoul Dragons @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts  

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BDL 2020 Week 8

Match: Seoul Dragons @ Antarctica Katabatic Beats

Away Owner: @samsel23

Home Owner: @Pickle Rick


Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Seoul Dragons

QB: Kyler Murray
RB: Josh Kelley(80%)
WR1: Tyler Lockett (90%)
WR2: Curtis Samuel (70%)
LT: Ronnie Stanley
LG: Rodger Saffold
C.David Andrews
RG: Brandon Schreff
RT: George Fant
TE: Cameron Brate(50%)
Flex: Travis Kelce (80%)

BenchRB: Ke’Shawn Vaughn(20%)
BenchWR4: Nelson Agholor(10%)
BenchWR5: Sterling Shepard(20%)
BenchWR6: Isaiah Ford(30%)
BenchTE: Gerald Everett(50%)
BenchOT: Andrew Thomas
BenchOG: Zach Fulton
BenchOC: Nick Allegretti 

LE: Bradley Chubb (60%)
3T: Grady Jarrett (60%)
1T: Brandon Williams (50%)
RE: Aldon Smith(60%)
SLB: Isaiah Simmons (80%)
MLB: Avery Williamson (70%)
WLB: Nick Kwiatkoski (80%)
Strong CB: Bashaud Breeland (90%)
Weak CB: Steven Nelson (90%)
FS: Marcus Williams (90%)
SS: Rodney McLeod (90%)

BenchLE: Alton Robinson (40%)
Bench3T: Calais Campbell (40%)
Bench1T: Tim Settle (50%)
BenchRE: Trevis Gipson (40%)
BenchLB: Christian Kirksey (60%)
BenchCB: Jason McCourty (20%)
BenchFS: Tedric Thompson (20%)
BenchSS: K’Von Wallace (70%)

Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Offensive Starters:
QB - Lamar Jackson
RB1 - Todd Gurley
WR1 - Stefon Diggs
WR2 - Ceedee Lamb
TE1 - Jimmy Graham
TE2 - Cole Kmet
LT - Brandon Shell
LG - Dakota Dozier 
C - Ryan Kelly
RG/C2 - Tyler Biadasz
RT - Tytus Howard

Offensive Bench:
RB2 - Rex Burkhead
RB3 - Alexander Mattison
RB - Cam Akers
OG3 - Germain Ifedi
OT3 - Cam Robinson
WR3 - Tre'quan Smith
WR4 - Van Jefferson
QB2 - Tua Tagovailoa


Defensive Starters:
DT - DeForest Buckner
DT - Jaleel Johnson
DE - Frank Clark
LB - Roquan Smith 
LB2 - Demario Davis
CB1 - Joe Haden
CB2 - Marshon Lattimore 
Slot CB3: Jeff Okudah
FS - Anthony Harris
SS - Nasir Adderley 

Defensive Bench:
Dime CB4 - Charvarius Ward
LB3 - Myles Jack
LB4/DE3 - Harold Landry
DE4 - Josh Sweat
DT3 - Jordan Elliott
DT4 - B.J. Hill
DT5 - James Lynch

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Seoul Dragons


Base: We are going to run 2 TE sets 80% of the time,  with Kelce split wide.    We want to push this game to the perimeter and force their DB’s and Safeties to make tackles.   Everett and Brate will split time as the Inline TE.  

Tempo:   This will be a very fast paced game,   we are going to push the tempo and try to wear down their Front 7.   We plan on running no huddle often.

Curtis Samuel Track Meet:   We are excited about our new weapon, he will be featured as the #2 WR, while playing aside Tyler Lockett.  We want the LB’s eyes to be focused on Samuel, he will be sent in presnap motion a majority of the game.  

·      We plan to run read/options with Kyler/Kelley off this option with Brate and Everett working the middle of the field.   

Key1:  Slow down LB and Buckner’s eyes.   We’re hoping with the read/options built off Samuel going in motion we can keep Buckner and the LB’s eyes busy, while our TE’s work the middle of the field.

Key2:  We think moving Kelce to the perimeter will help lock up the edge.    We want to take out their outside CB’s and force their slot defenders to make tackles on our playmakers.


Base:  Will Stick with a Base 4-3 Spy 70% of the time.     Rookie K’von Wallace will replace Avery Williamson when we move to 4-2 Nickel.

Coverages:   We plan to rotate between cover 2, cover 3, and cover 6 all game.  

Gamplan:  We plan to overload the Right side of the OL, using Chubb and Jarrett to attack Jackson from his front side.    Brandon Williams and Aldon Smith will be playing contain on the backside.   Isaiah Simmons will in zone behind Chubb playing spy on Lamar Jackson.   

Key1:   Rotate DL:    We want the big boys fresh, we have moved Campbell to back up at 3T to ensure constant pressure from that gap.    Alton Robinson and Trevis Gipson will take take 40% of the snaps on the edge.   Tim Settle will help spell Brandon Williams  

 Key2:     We are going with the 2 veteran safeties to start in Williams and McLeod.  We need great communication running zone coverages, we’re hoping with 2 veterans that will help keep the play in front.    

Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Motivation: Continuing our new approach, looking for that W. 

Personnel Changes: Diggs/Lamb move up a spot and Kmet gets inserted into the starting lineup as we will be going big more often this game.  

Offensive Formations: We will be attacking Seoul this week with more big/jumbo formations. 

Tempo: Traditional tempo as we want to control/dictate the game and see everything and make presnap adjustments to get us into the best possible positions. 

Playcalling Distribution: we will go with the power run game on early downs to get ahead of the chains and work on the short quick passing routes on 2nd and 3rd downs.  As the game progresses we will work in playaction and RPO's on early downs to catch Seoul LB's cheating and overloading the box for the run.  

Run Scheme: our runs will focus on power running with a large amount of traps, counter traps, pulling sweeps (RB and QB), and pulling counter sweeps (RB and QB).  These plays are going to look to exploit the aggressiveness of Seoul's d-line as they penetrate up field hopefully to get caught in the trap by our pulling o line.

Read option/Option/screens: option, read option, triple option, and screens, will mostly be our check down plays to move out of poorly called pass plays or attack weak positioning from Seoul.  We will occastionaly overload one side and look to catch no one home on the backside.  This is where we will check into the options and run to the weakside hopefully for big plays.  If LJ recognizes blitz pre-snap he will look to check into a screen play and look to use their agreesiveness against them. 

Passing: We will look to utilize slants, posts, and crossing routes layered to exploit our advantage in the WR-DB matchups.  Our blocking is much improved over recent weeks but to help out our o-line even more the rb will be blocking long into the play before becoming a safety outlet for LJ (if at all). 

Playaction and RPO's: we will be using RPO's and playaction on early downs later in the game as a way to flip the script as the game goes on. 

Defense Base Formation: Nickle defense, switching to Dime on spread formations and 4-3 and 4-4 on short yardage plays. 

Playstyle: going with Nickle as our base D this week as it will give us a better opportunity to force Murray to make the throws we want him to make as he misreads the underneath coverage (a big weakness of his)

Run defense.  We will be sticking to our 4-3 D and using our 4-4 run stopping D to crowd the box on clear run plays and big formations.  Runs blitzes will be far fewer this week as we like out D to win their 1 on 1 matchups to stuff the run.  Stunting with our big men up front will also help to get into the backfield and get tackles for loss

Passing Defense: as Murray has a tendency to misread the underneath coverage by LB's we will look to the force/play this weakness.  Our LB's will be showing blitz a lot this game, sometimes they will come and others they will not.  We will keep this distribution pretty even to force this misreads by Murray.  

Spy: by playing a lot more Nickle/Cover 1, we will free up one of the LB's to be the designated spy on Murray.  This will allow a man to cover him and negate his legs.  

Coverage assignments when in man:

Haden: Weakside (allows him to play tight and use the field as an extra man boosting his coverage abilities)

Lattimore: Strongside (Better suited to cover in the open field)

Okudah: Slot 1

Ward: TE1/Slot 2

Adderlay: TE2/Slot3

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First and foremost I think samsel did an excellent job on the gameplan. 

I think this has the potential to be a shoktout but it could also be a defensive game, I like Seoul's aggressiveness with the high tempo offense and I like their decision to put a spy on Lamar with a 70% base. I think Seoul has success limiting the run game and forcing Lamar to pass. Having said that, even though I don't love Lamar as a passer, when you're throwing to Diggs and Lamb I feel like your going to have some success. Tyler Lockett, Samuel and Kelce on the other side will have success as well. 

The biggest difference for me actually comes in the running game where I feel that unless its Murray, Seoul won't have much of one, forcing them to be one dimensional and easier to defend. 

I've got to go with Antartica is a close defensive battle here.

21-17 Antartica

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10 hours ago, Counselor said:

A lot of what Antarctica wants to attack is the aggressiveness of the Seoul Dine. Yet he has half of his dline playing contain on the backside. Interesting 

This is what did it for me. Seoul is doing a great job of forcing Lamar to play conservatively and work his progressions through a myriad of zone coverages. I like the fact they aren't just balls-out attacking with blitzes and giving Lamar opportunities to make splash plays. 

Both great game plans. Went Seoul.

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