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Week 14: Kansas City Chiefs (11-1) @ Miami Dolphins (8-4)

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FG came back to haunt us but I wouldn't say Saunder's miss was the biggest reason we lost. Would've been nice to have a shot at the end though.

All in all, outside of the disastrous 3rd quarter, I'm pretty happy with how the team played. Defense was on fire and played their hearts out, obviously. Offense was up and down but considering we were down to our 4th/5th string WRs and RBs to start the half and had injuries to our LT and TE later to boot, I think it was actually a pretty passable performance. We BADLY need to target WR in the offseason though. One of our first round picks needs to address the position.

I'm hopeful moving forward. We need to get some guys back but LV and NE will be very tough, but winnable games. This was the hardest of our four remaining games and we actually ended up covering... a loss never feels good but this team is definitely headed in the right direction and we are still in the hunt for a playoff birth this season!

Good things are coming Dolphin fans!

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Valiant effort no doubt! 

-forced four turnovers 

-only lost by one score to a Chiefs team that by the end of the season we could honestly be talking about as one of the best NFL teams of all time. (At the end of last year, did you think we'd be saying this about the 2020 Dolphins?) 

-major fourth quarter comeback. This team won't quit on Coach Flo'

-did that with no Van Noy and Roberts and no Bobby McCain for a significant portion of the game. 

-3 RBs in quarantine 

-By the end of the game, we only had one starting skill guy healthy (our rookie QB). Losing Parker and Gesicki was huge on top of Williams already being out. Hopefully they're back soon. Gesicki's injury looked bad. 

-No Flowers, no Roberts and lost Jackson for a bit in our front 5. 

-Tua made great strides forward today, and showed great composure, maturity and grit leading a near comeback  with a lackluster receiving corps after making costly mistakes in the first half. He showed he is mentally strong and won't be shaken by those kinds of mistakes, but rather learns and grows from mistakes. 

All things considered, as fans we shouldn't be too disappointed by what happened today. Obviously, we have things to work on BUT you have to be encouraged overall given the context of the situation.

Now our boys are going to be foaming at the mouth to get into the playoffs to take another crack at this KC team. 




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Outlook doesn't look good for Gesicki... hate to see it.


"I had the opportunity to go in after the game, see Mike, talk to him. He's really hurting," Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa said. "My thoughts and prayers are with him. The rest of the team is praying for him. There were a group of guys that came after me too, but you hate to see that for someone like him."


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