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Total Control Mock Draft (TCMD)


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Welcome to another installment of NFL Total Control GM Mock Draft!  

This is the full version mock containing free agency, trades and draft.


If interested in joining please post your 3 team choices from favorite to least favorite.  We’ll do our best to place you with one of these teams.  Preference will be given to those members willing to help manage this mock and if you’re a fan of the team.

Example of sign up post:

Fan of the New York Giants

  1.  New York Giants

  2. Green Bay Packers

  3. New Orleans Saints

For those not familiar with Total Control, what we’ve developed is a GM mock draft using google drive spreadsheets and designed it so that the workload of managing such a task is greatly reduced while still providing its members with a fully comprehensive mock draft experience.  Using thousands of formulas built into these workbooks, allows you to focus more on having fun than scrabbling around searching for information or stressing over if you’ve made the correct calculations for your Top 51 salary cap.  With this mock draft, you’ll be able to build your favorite team utilizing the workbooks to keep track of not only your moves but all 32 teams’ individual transactions.  Total Control GM Mock Draft is designed to operate as close to a real offseason as possible, while maintaining an unbiased and fair approach from start to finish.

The free agency is designed around the concept of blind bidding.  You aren’t limited to which players you can bid on during the free agency, but you are restricted to the number of offers you can make within each round of free agent bidding.  This process allows each team the luxury to bid on any available player within the free agency, regardless of rank or position.  So teams with limited funds are still able to enjoy the mock draft without the need to wait patiently while the top talent is removed from the board.  To keep it fair, the team that offers up the highest amount of money is awarded the player, eliminating the need for “agents” as well as the need to create contract “pitches”.  It's a solid and simple system for a complex process.  

The Draft phase of TCMD was also upgraded, in that rather than you having to keep track of players as they are selected, we track each pick in a timely manner eliminating mistakes of selecting players that have already been drafted.  We’ve also included an easy way for each team to privately build their big board, making it easier to game plan with your fellow teammates if you wish to conduct your business with others in a sub forum ran mock draft.

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23 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

I kinda want to sign up for this and ask for Skins/Eagles/Steelers/Niners and just completely tank their team. 

Take the 49ers. 

We can swap Kittle and Warner straight up for Schultz and Jaylon. Just to make it even, you’ll have to throw in your 1st rder. though.

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3 minutes ago, WizardHawk said:

Take the 49ers. 

We can swap Kittle and Warner straight up for Schultz and Jaylon. Just to make it even, you’ll have to throw in your 1st rder. though.

If its going to be:

Dallas: Schultz and Jaylon

SF: Kittle, Warner and a 1st


It wont get approved. I would have to include Nick Bosa as well.

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17 minutes ago, ny92mike said:

We'll be assigning GM's at the end of this week.  @D82 is currently penciled in but I'm sure he would like to run this as a group, if any of you are interested.

Should be a lot of fun after the season we've all had in the east. 

We always run it as a group. @D82 just keeps going for GM because he is an attentionwhore

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