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The Welcome Thread!

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Welcome to the Raider Forum! 

(Edit-This will be an ongoingly updated thread - S&B88, feel free to edit and add onto what you see fit)

  • Moderators- @NickButera and @Silver&Black88 are your Raider forum moderators. Always feel free to reach out to us if you feel something needs to be addressed, or forum rules are being blatantly disregarded. 
  • New Forum Features
  • Keep it Community
    • In the end, we're a community connected by the enjoyment of Raider football. We're composed of a very diverse group of people young and old. Let's be cognoscente of showing respect and encouragement to other posters and threads. 
  • Posting -We're a rather large subsection of Footballs Future, the Raider fan base has always been global, and many of our members reside all around the States and have quite a few international members as well. Because of that, our traffic is large. Please feel free to jump in anywhere with thoughts, opinions, stats, research, funny quips, or anything generally on topic
    • Things we generally discourage - Trolling. Which is creating a post with blatant disrespectful behavior towards another poster with the intent to upset. This is a rather subjective term, and in the end moderators will have the final word. Please respect the decision or advice of the moderators. For the most up to date forum guidelines, refer to this link Guidelines
  • Have fun!



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