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A Quick Guide To New Forum Features


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For those of you who are returning from the other forum, welcome back.  For those who are new who just signed up, welcome.  As we transition over from the old forum to the new forum, you'll find plenty of new and exciting features this forum has to offer.  While the best way to understand the new features is to explore the options, we've provided a basic guide to hopefully help ease your transition.  This won't encompass everything, but rather give a brief but thorough guide to understanding the new features.


Posting Features

BBC Code
Gone are the days with the old BBC Code where figuring out where you're busy trying to figure out what tag you didn't close.  Instead, there are buttons conveniently at the top of the post bar.  Like the previous forum, we have the bolditalicized, and underlined formatting.  However, unlike the previous forum there's an easy shortcut.  For those who want a quick fix, pressing CTRL+B (or Command+B for our Mac Users) will create a bold format.  Likewise, CTRL+I will give you italicized format and CTRL+U for underlined format.  I don't believe there is a shortcut for strike-through but if anyone knows it please feel free to let me know.

Like before, there are is the quotes, links, and code options.  Fortunately, this has been streamlined to make it easier where you input the text you want and the URL address and the forum does the work for you.


Twitter and GIF Embedding
Much like the quotes, the forum automatically picks up the Tweet and embeds it.  Simply, copy and paste the URL address to the forum and let it do the rest of the work.  For example,


If you just want to provide a link and not embed the tweet, it'll give you the option to as soon as you post it.

Similar to how the forum picks up the Tweet, it'll pick up the video simply by copying and pasting the URL address.


Forum Member Tags

Similar to how Twitter works, you can use the @ and followed by the username to send them an alert.  I can't emphasize this enough, but using this feature to negatively call out members will not be tolerated.  This includes, but not limited to personal attacks, trolling, flaming, or otherwise "forcing" another member to answer to past comments.  Any abuse of this feature will be considered against forum rules, and addressed accordingly.  If this feature is abused, the feature might be removed so don't ruin this feature.



Starting with the quick quote, if you highlight the portion of text you want to quote it'll give you the option to "quote this" by clicking on that option.



But say you want to quote multiple parts, there's a multi-quote option as well.  Simply click the "+" button, and it'll bring that quote with you.  When you have chosen all your quotes you want to use, simply click "Quote X posts" and it'll create a post with the quotes.




Notifications and Private Messages

At the top right of the forum, you'll see two icons.  The bell represents your notifications.  When someone quotes you, you'll receive a notification that you were quoted and by clicking on that notification it will take you to the post.  Likewise, when someone uses the mention feature (more on that in a second), it'll alert you that someone has used your username.  Similarly, it will notify when you've received a private message, someone has posted in a thread that you follow, etc.

The second icon is the Private Message (PM) icon.  If you click on that icon, you can check your inbox and see all of your messages.  It's set up for you to have 50 active conversations, and if you want to have more you'll need to delete older messages.


Ignore Feature

Ever have issues with posters you view as trolls or simply do not want to read what they post?  Simply set your account to ignore them, and never see their posts again.  At the top right of the forum, you'll see your username.  Click on that and select "Ignored Users".  Simply type in the username of the poster you want to ignore, choose which types of posts (i.e. post, messages, signature, and mentions) you want to be ignored and select "Add User". 


10 hours ago, Kiltman said:



After you have ignored them, threads will show that they have made a post but it was hidden from you based on your settings.  Remember, you are NOT able to block any of the moderators or Webmaster.



Profile Features

From any page, you can access your profile by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click Profile from the drop down menu.

Changing your AvatarKzajJAe.png
On the left of your screen, click the button with a photo on it. 

After clicking this, you may upload a photo, link to a photo or choose to not have an avatar.

After choosing a photo, you will be brought to a screen to position your photo. From here, you may crop, resize or reposition your photo.

Changing your Cover Photo

On the right side of your profile is a Cover Photo button. You may choose to upload a photo, remove or reposition a photo you already have.

Adding information to your profile
Clicking the Edit Profile button brings up an overlay that allows you to add information to your profile.

 Remember to click save when you are finished.

As I said before, the best way to learn about all these features is to mess with them and customize them to fit your needs.  This guide is merely a tool to help you in that, and feel free to PM any forum moderator with any questions you may have.

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Posted this in wayta, but thought it might be useful for people here. If you're looking for more emojis, this site doesn't have many built in. But if you're posting on your phone, you can post any emoji available on your keyboard. 


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11 hours ago, Danger said:


[spoiler]Spoilers are now a thing[/spoiler]



  Reveal hidden contents

Spoilers are now a thing


You need to reveal how you did that, because it's not intuitively obvious.

EDIT, when i try i get this:


Haha nevermind - looks different in the preview



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