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Week 5 GDT Bills @ Chiefs on Sunday Night Football!


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19 hours ago, Kmart128 said:

While Groot was great i cant give him MVP of the game. Non of his great plays significantly impacted the game. The sack was a loss of 1 yard top. Mahomes just gave himself up. And the INT was terrific but all it did was take some time off the board as our offense went 3 and out and gave ball right back. So even with him making great plays defending the run, sacking Mahomes, picking him off... none of them turned out to be a game changer.

Micah Hyde on other hand did have those game changers... the pick 6 was huge. And he was blanketing Tyreek whenever he got deep. 

I think each turnover had impacted the game. Its not Rousseau or Neal's fault the offense couldnt convert those turnovers to points. They prevented the chiefs offense from being on the field and prevented them from scoring. A pick from Rousseau may have not given them any points but it was in the redzone for KC which prevented 3 or 7 points from happening. It also killed some clock from KC getting the ball back. 

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