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Horizon: Forbidden West


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On 11/23/2022 at 10:02 PM, Danger said:

It's not super obvious leading up to it how things will go and it definitely sets up the next game. I think it's adequate. 

Definitely better than say... Mass Effect 3.

I don't think you can really compare the ending of this game to the ending of ME3 since that wrapped up a story and this is setting up the likely last game of a trilogy.

I don't really know how well you can rate an ending of a mid game. It's like rating the ending of the Empire Strikes Back - amazing movie, sets up well for the last game.

This game is amazing, and the ending sets up well for the last game. I however think the direction it is going is complete ***, but will have to see where it goes.

I would rate the story of the first game a 10, seriously one of my favourite of not favourite game stories ever, but it is held up big time by the history. The story of the second game is like an 8, and that is dragged down heavily because of the ending.

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