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Official 2022 NFL Draft Thread (NO SPOILERS)


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I hope this isn't a spoiler, but since PR is the one reporting it and it's on their site, I'm gonna say it's not:

PR says these are the 5 guys we are targeting at for pick #27 from what they hear (in no order)

1. Deonte Wyatt

2. Logan Hall

3. Lewis Cine

4. Trey McBride

5. Treylon Burks 

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I want Wyatt at 27 the most, but wouldn’t hate Zion or Green. Don’t want a Safety at all and a CB would make sense if dean and/or bunting is leaving next year, and McDuffie or Elam are my favs but McCreary is also good. I really don’t love or hate any of the first round EDGE players tbh so I have no opinion either way as I haven’t done enough research on them. Really like Hall and McBride but not at 27


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8 hours ago, bucsfan333 said:

Just give me all the bonus points for calling Cine with our first pick. 

You kind of sold me on the idea. He's in my mock now. 

He'd give us so much versatility to move guys around (Winfield, Ryan) and you're covering yourself for the future with Edwards being in a contract year and Winfield coming up soon too. 

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Not the biggest fan of cine since I think DL is a way bigger need. Cine is a very good player but I hate our depth at DL too much to warrant taking Cine over Wyatt. That being said if Wyatt is gone and we can’t trade back Cine will do. 

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I'm planting this seed now, but don't be shocked if we end up with Tyler Smith (either at #27, or if we trade back). He's the small school prospect who played LT his whole college career that Licht loves. He has versatility, but projects as a great LG.

PR also had a stat that Licht has only drafted a player older than 22 one time in the first round during his tenure. Smith just turned 21. 

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