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The Marvel Cinematic Universe- Silver Surfer cast


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12 hours ago, Kiltman said:

Cool ways to go for both movies...the 90's timeline is interesting for Captain Marvel...her suit looks slick.

Do we think Secret Invasion will be a thing?

They been saving the Skrulls for a long time. Barely a snippet of them despite even James Gunn saying they are co-owned. Everyone thought Fox had them. They are definitely going to make them a big part and do their own version of Secret Invasion. Now we just need Kang and Dr. Doom back.


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56 minutes ago, Acgott said:

Kevin Feige has confirmed the Kree/Skrull War will be a part of Captain Marvel

Awesome...set them up as a foe, have them go away for 30 years in the timeline

and come back for Secret Invasion sometime soon


If they did Secret Invasion and then Dark Reign it'd be a cool but very different way of doing the next phase(s) of marvel

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1 hour ago, Beck Bristow said:

I like it, but you know how marvel fans can be when you confuse Fox movies with their precious.

Oh, they're already all over Twitter whining about how it's "not Domino if she doesn't have pale skin" and that they never should have cast Zazie if they didn't intend to paint her face.

On the positive side, calling it now that we get a Foxy Cleopatra reference from Deady.

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