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Bullet dodged!


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1 hour ago, blkwdw13 said:

Or is it telling that a Russ lead offense is just as bad as the Bears offense and both the coaches running it came from the same place.

wait, maybe its not the coaches, but the HOF QB aaron rodgers that makes the offense look so good 🤔🤔🤔

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It's not just Bears.   Been a lot of bad offensive games around league this year.  I love defense but 10-9 games with constant punts and fair catches are boring.  

Before they decide to make another stupid new game rule favoring offense or changing game for worse here is my suggestion(s):

Make football just a little smaller and narrower.   That's it.

Then a LOT more people can play the QB position and there will be more really good ones available with the necessary mental processing speed.   You can throw it harder and farther and off your base without a cannon for arm like Mahomes, Rodgers or Allen.

And it's easier to catch.   

Hmmm ... Now this will also make kicking game easier so we start seeing 60+ yard field goals and touchbacks whenever teams want them - which is boring.

So get rid of kicking game.  We don't need it.   We don't need kickoffs or kicked extra points in football.  It's a needless addition and it's boring to watch.

Just start all possessions after a score from 20.   

You can keep punts.  

We can have normal 2 point conversions and 3 point conversions from a bit father away to give teams more come from behind opportunities.



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