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Week 7 - Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys 1:00PM

Sllim Pickens

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The return of Dak this weekend will be fun to watch against our D.  I hope we win so people scream for Cooper Rush back.  

Hopefully getting some players back from injury after the bye week (Paschal, Cominsky, Jacobs, Swift, ARSB).

Interesting to see how we bounce back after the bye week after a disappointing start to the season. 

Interested to see if we changed some things scheme wise during the break.  

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I want to see if the team has is still going to play with fire for Campbell. Without wins, his message might be starting to wear thin.

Saw a stat the other day that Brian Daboll has more coaching wins in six career games than Dan Campbell does in a year+. Oof.

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2 minutes ago, Nnivolcm said:

I haven't been able to watch. Have they had Hutch in a 2 point stance more so far today?

On sack he was in a 3 point stance. I haven't noticed what he's been lining up in most plays. 

He just got a pressure from a 2 point stance.

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