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BDL 2022 Week 8 - Singapore Sentinels @ Greenland Polar Bears


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BDL 2022 Week 8

Match:  Singapore Sentinels @ Greenland Polar Bears

 Away Owner:  @SirA1

Home Owner: @Pickle Rick

 Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both.

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Singapore Sentinels

Singapore Sentinels
QB: Daniel Jones
RB1: Khalil Herbert
WR1: DeVonta Smith
WR2:  Gabriel Davis 
WR3: Jakobi Meyers
TE1: Jonnu Smith 
LT: Orlando Brown Jr.
LG: Tyler Smith
OC: Brian Allen
RG: Matt Feiler 
RT: Mike McGlinchey
WR4: Jauan Jennings
WR5: Kendrick Bourne 
RB2: Kenyan Drake
RB3: Kareem Hunt  
TE2: Foster Moreau
OL6: Jedrick Wills Jr
QB2: Derek Carr

DE: Dre’Mont Jones
NT: D.J. Jones
DT: Aaron Donald 
OLB: Uchenna Nwosu 
OLB: Melvin Ingram III 
CB: Kendall Fuller 
CB: Charvarius “Mooney” Ward 
NCB: Jonathan Jones
S: Devin McCourty
S: Adrian Phillips 
DT/NT2: Matt Ioannidis
DT3: Charles Omenihu
OLB/DE3: Odafe Oweh 
OLB/DE4: Markus Golden
CB4: Desmond King II
LB2: Ja’whaun Bentley
S3: John Johnson III 
S4: Jabril Peppers



Greenland Polar Bears

QB: Tua Tagovailoa
RB: Saquon Barkley
WR1: Stefon Diggs
WR2: Ceedee Lamb
WR3: Chris Godwin
TE1: Tyler Higbee
LT: Christian Darrisaw
LG: Trey Smith
😄 Ryan Kelly
RG: Kenyon Green ®
RT: Cam Robinson


RB2: Cam Akers
WR4: Julio Jones
WR5: Christian Watson ® 
G3: Aaron Banks
C2: Tyler Biadasz 
TE2: Cole Kmet

Defense Base formation 3-4 Cover 6

LDE: JJ Watt
DT: Deforest Buckner
RDE: Robert Quinn

WOLB: Travon Walker ®
MLB1: Lavonte David
MLB2: Roquan Smith 
SOLB: Von Miller

CB1: Tariq Woolen ®
CB2: Stephon Gilmore
SS: Nasir Adderley
FS: Jordan Poyer


DL3: Jordan Elliott
DL4: Justin Jones
OLB3: Drake Jackson ®
LB2: Foyesade Oluokun
LB3: Devin Lloyd ®
CB3: Jeff Okudah
CB4: Patrick Peterson

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Singapore Sentinels

Singapore Sentinels

Looking to get the sweep of Greenland this week.

Offense: 3 wide (40%), 2 RB (30%), 2 TE (20%), 4 wide (10%)

We look to get our best weapons on the field the majority of snaps. There will be lots of motion this week with both the receivers and backs. This "Eye Candy" will help confuse the defense and let our guys move the ball. Doing so we prioritize two formations our 3 Wide and 2 RB sets. In three wide we get out three best receiving weapons spreading out the defense in Gabe, DeVonta and Jakobi. We want to get our two best RB’s on the field with our outside receiving threats and Smith working the middle in our 2 RB sets. This gives us multiple ways to attack the Polar Bears defense through the running game as well as the passing game. Jonnu will play as big slot in our 4 wide. We will incorporate some motions with Drake out of the 2 RB set moving him into a slot role giving us some different looks and helping us determine coverage as well as when we motion around Jonnu. Foster Moreau will be our TE2. 

Passing Game: 
We have some big play threats and we are going to make sure we give Danny Dimes plenty of those opportunities on the outside with Davis and Smith however we really want to work the middle of this Greenland defense with Jakobi, our backs in the passing game and Jonnu. We will work plenty of deep clear outs to open up plays underneath and open up our passing game with play action off of our running game. When in 2 RB we will utilize both backs in routes at times and also utilize one of them to chip and help against Von Miller in particular. We expect our running game to entice the defense to cheat up and that is where we will get those deep shots to our playmakers. When Davis and DeVonta aren’t running deep they will get some underneath work to get them in space and utilize their speed and shiftiness to eat up grass. DeVonta will see plenty of back shoulder, sideline throws at the sticks to pick up first downs. Jonnu will also be a seam stretcher for us. Jones has been accurate this year when he needed to be and has limited his turnovers greatly this year (2 INT, 2 Fumbles). He's not going to let us hurt ourselves.

Running Game:
We are going to run a mix of inside zone and man blocking schemes. We are going to introduce a steady diet of triple option and RPO’s using Daniel Jones in some of our 2 RB sets. We want to use misdirection to freeze linebackers from being aggressive to fill gaps giving us more chances for positive yards. We will run tosses with Hebert or Drake as lead blocker for each other. Hunt will get some run as well to keep all of our backs fresh. We incorporate some traps and counters as well. We want to run a 50/50 run/pass offense this week to have true balance and control the clock. In two tight we will sometimes use Jonnu as an H-Back and a lead blocker giving us some motion options and added manipulation against the defense. 

Defense: Nickel (Man and Zone Mix 2/3/6) against 3 wide, 4-3 against 2 Wide sets, Dime against 4/5 Wide

We want to throw several different looks coverage wise at Tua and friends. We have a lot of beef up front on our dline which will help us in containing Barkley. Gap disciplined football is key in this game against the run. We are going to single gap to give us added penetration with Adrian Phillips down in the box we will be able to account for all gaps as he has D gap outside of the TE against 3 wide. When we blitz we will bring JOK through  different gaps throughout the game mixing up our attack. We will utilize some stunts as well. We are going to bring Donald off the edge in some passing situations and some against the RT as we play the Jones’ inside and utilize Ingram or Nwosu off the opposite edge. We will rotate just enough to keep our dline players fresh. 

When in man we are playing our corners on sides not against a specific receiver all game, however if they bunch three receivers on one side we will bring our opposite side corner over to defend the bunch as well with our nickel. We will even do this in zone to disguise coverage and just shift zones as Phillips and JOK can play multiple different zones on the opposite side in our 3 wide. Nwosu has RB and Phillips has TE. JOK will be a menace this game, middle zone robber, flat zone robber, blitzing, bracket coverage we are going to utilize him in a variety of ways to confuse the offense and weaponize his skill set. When we are in zone we will play typical zone coverages with the occasional corner bail into 3rds after giving a press cover 2 look and JOK flying down into the flat. We believe we can matchup across the board with our corners . McCourty will have deep coverage ensuring we don’t give up the deep plays. 

4-3 and Dime:
Against 2 TE we are in our 4-3 and when in man Bentley has RB and Nwosu has the other TE opposite Phillips. We will play our mix of Cover 2/3/6 against all formations as well. And against four wide in Dime, King will come into the game as Ingram leaves the field and we move to a three man Dline with Dre’Mont at 5 Tech opposite Donald at the other 5 Tech with DJ at NT. Johnson will play in the box with Phillips and JOK and we will have some zone blitzing mixing up who is coming and who is dropping into 



Greenland Polar Bears


Motivation: Keep winning

Offensive Formations: 3WR/1TE/1RB (50%), 2WR/2TE/1RB (30%), 5WR (10%), 5 Wide - using TE (10%)

Offensive Tempo: we will be using a normal temp this week  

Designed Playcall Distribution: 40% run, 30% playaction, 25% pass, 5% RPO/screens

Running game: Our running game this week will be focusing on Singapore's edges, we want to push the outside often.  Saquon Barkley will be our feature back and get touches early and often in this game.   We want to manage down and distance as much as possible and will do this by attacking Singapore's edge defenders.  We feel we have a huge advantage in the run game with Trey Smith, Ryan Kelly, and Kenyon Green and will feature plenty of pulling lineman, double teams and traps to the outside.  Look for Barkley to have a heavy load this game with him coming off the field for rest 20% of the snaps when we go 5WR or 5 Wide.  One of the keys to our running this game will be using our end arounds and sweeps from 5 WR and 5 Wide, as well as some touch passes.   

Passing game:  This week we are scouting our team and playing to its strengths.  We want Tua to do what he does best and that is working the middle of the field and deep.  We want to compliment the outside runs this week with a large increase in playaction passes.  The goal of our passing game will be to challenge their linebackers and safeties.  Working off of them as our focal point should help in the running game as well.   We want to have Godwin move all over in the formations and get plenty of looks, especially on third downs.  We want Godwin to get a number of touches in space to use his size and speed to keep ahead of the chains.  We also want to utilize Barley when we can on mismatches with LB's using some whe routes and quick hitters to the outside.  Touch passes, quick screens, and end arounds should keep the d honest and the chains moving.  Our goal with Tua is to get him pre snap reads so he will have less to read after the snap.  Lots of motion from the WR's, TE's and RB's will get Tua the information he needs.  

RPO/Screens: RPO's and screens will be up to Tua to check into based on his presnap reads.  We want the play checked into an RPO when the LB's and S's are moving into the box and screen's when it looks like big pressure is coming.   The screen check downs will be WR screens mostly with an occasional RB screen.  

First series of the game: we want to establish the run with Barkley

Defense Base Formation: 3-4 Cover 6



Pass Coverage:  This week we want to take advantage of Derek Carr's weaknesses, as well as limiting what Singapore likes to do.  We want to play a base defense that Carr was the worst QB in football when facing last season and will force passes he has continued to show he has trouble with (passes at the numbers and out, all of Carr's incompletions last week were at the numbers or out) .  

Our Cover 6 Zone will throw a blanket over the middle while only allowing extremely small windows on the outside that we feel was what got Carr into trouble irl last season and still this season.  Our Cover 6 Zone of course will not be our only coverage, we have 2 other coverages we will use heavily as well.  The first is Cover 2 Man, we want to use this to help keep Carr from getting comfortable with the zone but also bc Carr was the worst in football last year irl against it as well.  The second is our Cover 3 Man Hybrid.  This will look to combine the 2 defenses Carr was the worst at last year irl and continue to mix coverages and take away the middle of the field and force throws where Carr seems to have the most trouble  

Cover 6 Zone



Cover 2 Man



Cover 3 Man Hybrid



Pass Rush: I'm sure everyone noticed a switch to our starting lineup and we feel it will be a great one.  This week we shifted Travon Walker down to the outside and Quinn down.  We feel we can do this to help get more pressure ok Carr as Singapore's run game is not a big threat to us this week.  We will be able to use more speed on the d line to get pressure from the inside and outside on passing downs and still hold our own in the rushing game.  As for our rushing scheme, we want to attack the rookie G Smith and the G Fielerl.  We feel there will be a number of miscommunication and missed assignments allowing a great rush on the inside to compliment our stellar edge rushers coming from the outside. 

Run Defense:  We are focusing on getting up field to disrupt things before their running backs get moving.  Causing missed assignments and blocks is also key so we will working our stunts and twists into the running game as well

Defensive rotation and formations notes:  we have DT, edge, LB, and DB depth to rotate in and keep everyone well rested.  As for formations, even though our base and dominant formation will be 3-4, we do want to sprinkle in some 4-4, 4-3, and nickel when warranted.  

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1 minute ago, ny92mike said:

Not saying the schemes are bad or anything of the sort just find it funny that the illustrations appear to be blown up.  The secondary coverage assignment circles are blown up so big that it would take the player 2 minutes to run the diameter...haha. 

The best part is they completely schemed for the wrong QB

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11 hours ago, ny92mike said:

Not saying the schemes are bad or anything of the sort just find it funny that the illustrations appear to be blown up.  The secondary coverage assignment circles are blown up so big that it would take the player 2 minutes to run the diameter...haha. 

If @RuskieTitan has time he could edit the post and just copy/paste those links and they would look much better 

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10 minutes ago, Pickle Rick said:

But the plan still works as Jones was atrocious and looks to have the same issues lol


Oh I’m not saying it won’t be as effective just stating it’s the wrong QB. Jones provides a bit more with his legs. Also won’t base it off one week for Jones for me. There is a half season of games to look at and consider. 

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