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BDL 2023 Week 2 - Hungary Hippos @ Singapore Sentinels


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BDL 2023 Week 2

Match:  Hungary Hippos @ Singapore Sentinels

 Away Owner:   @PR @InjuredReserve

Home Owner:    @SirA1

 Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Hungary Hippos

QB: Geno Smith
RB: Joe Mixon
WR: DK Metcalf
WR: Tyler Lockett
WR: Donovan Peoples Jones
TE: TJ Hockenson
LT: Garrett Bolles
LG: Andrus Peat

😄 Jake Brendel
RG: Brandon Schereff
RT: Brian O'Neill


RB: Dalvin Cook
RB: Brian Robinson

RB: Rachaad White
WR: Calvin Austin
TE: Daniel Bellinger
TE: Ian Thomas
OL Duane Brown
OL Trent Brown

Edge: Maxx Crosby
DT: Fletcher Cox
DT: Larry Ogunjobi
Edge: Will Anderson
LB: Shaq Thompson
LB: Logan Wilson
CB: Marcus Peters
NCB: Tre Brown
FS: Russ Yeast
SS: Harrison Smith
CB: Kei'Trel Clark

Edge: Jadeveon Clowney
Edge: Charles Harris
DT: Javon Kinlaw
LB: Ivan Pace Jr.
CB: Terell Smith
CB: Roger McCreary



Singapore Sentinels
QB: Mac Jones
RB1: Josh Jacobs
WR1: Davante Adams
WR2: DeVonta Smith
TE1: Darren Waller 
TE2: Sam LaPorta
LT: Orlando Brown Jr.
LG: Alaric Jackson
OC: Evan Brown
RG: Will Hernandez
RT: Kaleb McGary  
RB2: A.J. Dillon
RB3: Kyren Williams
TE3: Jonnu Smith
WR3: Jerry Juedy
WR4: Kendrick Bourne
OL6: Jedrick Wills Jr
OL7: Cade Mays
QB2: Kirk Cousins 

LE:Arik Armstead
NT: Keeanu Benton 
DT: Grady Jarrett
RE:  Uchenna Nwosu 
SAM: Leonard Floyd

MLB: Kaden Ellis
WLB: Dre Greenlaw

CB: Charvarius “Mooney” Ward
CB: Levi Wallace
S: Ryan Neal
S: Jabrill Peppers
NB3/S: Brian Branch
DIME: Adrian Phillips
CB4: Damarri Mathis
Edge3: Arden Key
Edge4: Lorenzo Carter
DT2 Zach Allen
NT2: D.J. Jones
LB3: Ja’Whaun Bentley

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Hungary Hippos


In the ashes of a blowout week 1 loss the resilient Hungary roster and staff were left to take stock. We turned to the immortal words of Xavier LaFlamme who said the difference between a losing streak and the building of momentum is evolution. “You will slow down. You will get old. Your body will fail you. So, you evolve, you change your game, you do what you need to do with the time you got.” If not, you go 0-2.

As we head to face off against Singapore, we need to chew up and control the clock, keep the ball out of Cousins and his formidable WRs hands, and play a high variance game.


Ratio: 60/40 Pass/Run ratio

Playbook: West Coast Offense

The overarching goal is to play towards the strategy of attacking his interior OL with consistent early commitment to the run. We want to apply pressure early via the run-game, utilize our RB depth effectively, and counter defensive aggression with dink and dunk screens to keep the chains moving.

This strategy allows us to both utilize the hot hand approach, which means we are not committed or reliant upon only 1 back to carry the game for us. We need to make his D-Line look old by mid-game, while we keep the pressure on with our fresh legs or our stable of running backs.

Hockenson will be key in this match-up, as his mix of blocking and sure hands will allow us to consistently convert short 3rd downs that will be set-up from our run-heavy and screen passing game approach.

All of this game-plan commitment to the run and short yardage passing game, will set-up for DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett to get shots deep off of timely play action calls and in surprise shots against the Singapore secondary when we have good match-ups or Singapore has been forced to apply more focus on our running attack. Since the clock will be running in this game, we are playing a high variance strategy that 1 or 2 deep shots could make the entire difference when we can connect or draw a huge pass interference penalty.

We got to make their defense look old, grind the game down, convert in short-yardage situations, and make the best of the deep shots when we take them.


Base: Cover 2 Shell

Goals: (1) Lean on our revamped Defensive Line to apply pressure and leave less time in the pocket for Cousins to exploit the holes in our banged up secondary, (2) Rely on our linebacker’s athleticism to keep the Josh Jacobs led run-game in check, and (3) Support our CBs in this match-up by having our Safeties play deep (take away the deep pass).

The match-up in our secondary is not one that benefits us against Singapore’s passing attack. Our CBs, already the lightest part of our defense, are also impacted by an overall banged up secondary. To account for this we are strategizing to play our safeties deep in support of our corners and let our defensive line disrupt the passing attack. Maxx Crosby and Will Anderson's come in to this match-up with hearts of stone, hatred for Kirk Cousins, and faith in the 4 man pass rush.

Davante Adams and Devonta Smith are going to get theirs against our secondary. Our job is to play to limit the huge yardage gains and keep this game a grind fest. Our corners will mix in zone, press, and off man coverage throughout the game to present different looks and strive for opportunistic turnovers. Cover 4 to be utilized when 4+ WRs are deployed.

Hungary trusts the tandem of Wilson and Thompson against the run and they are critical in the prevention of us from getting gouged on the ground, due to our game-plan. Our edge and interior DL depth will also provide a spell as we fight this war in the trenches and prevent ourselves and prevent our guys from getting gassed. We are happy to challenge Singapore to have this be a heavy run fueled game where possible to keep the clock moving and work in concert with our offensive strategy (to gain an advantage). Baiting the opposition to pivot and fight on our preferred ground is the plan and a match-up grind-fest that we will arise the victor in.

Best of luck to Singapore in this match-up and be kind to this co-owner's humble write-up (all mistakes are IR's and are a poor reflection on him only).




Singapore Sentinels

Motivation: The Hippos will be Hangry after getting blitzed last week at Berlin. We hope to continue the home win streak to have our best start in years. Lots of moving parts as we settle the roster down in the early “get to know you” part of the BDL Season. No major injuries last week so we are one of the healthier teams in the league. The Hungary OL/DL is a little banged up inside and we hope to take advantage of that.

Defensive Strategy

Formation:  4-3 “Under” / 2-4-5 Big Nickel

The Under is predominantly a one-gap system that plugs up the run and creates advantageous pass-rush situations. The 4-3 Under helps cover the weak side linebackers to keep him free to make plays.

DL - Rookie Keanu Benton has earned his starting spot and is going to line up over the Center and attack the A Gap between their C-RG, forcing a double team while applying pressure on Geno/Goff. Grady Jarrett is our new wrecking 3-tech inside against Andrus Peat on his way to the QB, collapsing the pocket and forcing errant throws. Uchenna Nwosu will compound the overload of the Left side against Bolles. Arik Armstead will have a tougher task this week against the Hippos best OL in O’Neil so we will use our bench strength and keep guys fresh to wear him down. Arden Key and Lorenzo Carter will play key roles in keeping that pressure high.  Being able to substitute players and see minimal difference in the unit itself is something other teams wish they had. Zach Allen and D.J. Jones provide solid options to keep the big guys up front fresh as well to help in the run defense.

LB - Greenlaw has the speed and agility to make things more difficult for Hungary’s passing game while also being able to chase down a RB in the flat.. Ellis will be focusing on covering the intermediate areas and filling the gaps to shut down running lanes. Leonard Floyd will be on the LOS and we will just let him run around with his hair on fire chasing the QB, which is what he does best. Nwosu and Floyd will be able to scissor move Bolles and keep him guessing. We trust our secondary so don’t mind a “full send” approach this week by going with 5 rushers to pressure Geno/Goff. Bentley is our do it all backup that can fill any of they starting roles

Secondary - Cover 1 Man Hybrid

Charvarius Ward is a known entity and was lights out for us last year, taking over as our #1 CB. Solid in man coverage and allowing few big plays, he will look to take out the top Hippo WR target in DK Metcalf. Levi Wallace will take on the shifty but aging former Sentinel Tyler Lockett this week. Brian Branch has had a great first start and is now slotted into the starting nickelback role. His ability to play against both slot receivers and also TE’s with his Safety experience will be huge against Peoples-Jones and Hock.

Jabrill Peppers makes his debut this week as the single High Safety. His high energy style and closing speed will keep the big plays from unfolding. Underneath, Ryan Neal will be taking on the task of covering Hockensen.  He can be disruptive near the line of scrimmage, using his aggressive mindset to make plays. If Hungary somehow manages to get 4 WR on the field or flexes out a RB into the slot, Adrian Phillips will be our DIME backer/safety this week in a 2 high cover shell.

Coverage Assignments:

  • ·         DK Metcalf/ “Mooney” Ward - CB

  • ·         Tyler Lockett / Levi Wallace - CB

  •           Donovan Peoples-Jones  / Brian Branch - CB/S

  • ·        T.J. Hockensen / Ryan Neal - S 

  •          “Hot Hand” RB / Dre Greenlaw - LB

  •          Dime  / Adrian Phillips S


Offensive Strategy

Scheme:  Pass (50%) vs Run (50%)

Formations:  2 TE (50%)/ 3 WR Bunch formation (30%)/ 2RB (20%)

Our primary formation will be 12 personnel this week. The Waller Effect is happening despite a bad hammy. We want to get a mismatch over the middle and in the flat with Waller and LaPorta. Hungary is missing a bunch of Safeties so their smaller CBs will have matchup issues. If they send blitzers we are looking to chip them as well to give Mac Jones time to get the ball out. We are just wanting to grind today and tire out the Hippo D and keep their O off the field.

Passing - Mac Jones gets the start this week with Cousins available if needed. WRs in DaVonta Smith and Davante Adams provide our young leader with reliable pass catchers that can do it all over the field.. We are looking to isolate them against the Hippol CBs and let them do their job. Adams will be running a search route allowing him to adjust to the coverage. DeVonta Smith will stretch the field and look for some big deep plays. Debuting Jerry Jeudy will come in for the bunch look and look to get separation over the middle from the Slot. Kendrick Bourne will give the starters a rest as one of Mac’s reliable targets.

We expect the deep middle to be open as the only Safeties Hungary has available are Harrison Smith and newly signed Russ Yeast (Q-Knee). Donovan Wilson Doubtful again after not playing last week and Quan Martin OUT with a concussion.

Rushing - With Kancey out and Kinlaw just a role player now we want to wear down the older Hippo DL Duo of Cox and Ogunjobi with Inside runs. Their lack of depth will be sure to have them gassed in the 4th Quarter. Josh Jacobs will get the start and powerhouse A.J. Dillon will spell him and be used as a FB occasionally as 2RB in the backfield to wear down their DL. Kyren Williams has been elevated to the main roster as both a short yardage and goal line back. 

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Why are Andrus Peat and Alaric Jackson starting for BDL teams? And Jackson is somehow the less egregious of the two.

No idea why Mac Jones gets a start. I really like Singapore's gameplan overall, but the odd QB choice along with putting Branch on DPJ instead of Hockenson is baffling. Unfortunately, the secondary for Hungary is indisputably the worst in the league and I am betting on even Mac Jones to beat them through the air.

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I think Hungary made a bit of a mistake attacking the interior DL with run plays. They certainly have a decent collection of backs, but relying on Andrus Peat is almost an auto-loss thing for me. I do like Hockenson a lot here however - I think he does a lot of damage. On the other side, I don't know if Hungary D is that awful. I think they're fine besides the CB position. I even think they can put pressure on Mac Jones. But I do think Singapore has too many weapons and they can pick what works best, which in this case would be their TE duo against a cover 2.

Singapore 27-10

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