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Is Brock Purdy Actually Good?


Is Brock Purdy Actually Good?  

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  1. 1. Is Brock Purdy Actually Good?

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Alright I'll bite. Here's by top 14 QB rankings... 

This is purely subjective of my own clear bias. 

JOE BURROW (Feel like burrow is a more even QB than allen)
JOSH ALLEN (too much hero ball, too much game changer, not enough game manager)
MATTHEW STAFFORD (age knocks him back a peg, despite superbowl edge)
LAMAR JACKSON (more accomplished than Herbert)
JUSTIN HERBERT (mostly based on talent. Harbaugh should have him top 3)
CJ STROUD (He's the 1st round pick version of Brock Purdy... paced him all year with a worse team)
BROCK PURDY (Dak has bigger talent, but Purdy is a better big game QB)
DAK PRESCOTT (like his team, he thrives on inferior opponents, terrible in the post-season)
KIRK COUSINS (more accomplished than those below him)
TREVOR LAWRENCE (would have been above CJ Stroud before a bad 2023 season)
JORDAN LOVE (up and coming)
TUA TAGOVAILOA (i don't like his game, but he's piloted a prolific offense 2 years in row) 
KYLER MURRAY (can he get his crap together?)

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Purdy Took the greatest player on the planet with the greatest coaching staff and the best defense in the post-season deep onto OT and made him score on 4 consecutive drives to win. And he did it all with very little help from Deebo, Kittle and his running game. 

Dude is a damn good QB. 

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