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Week 11 GDT: Josh Allen and the Brady Bunch.


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Zack Wilson gets hurt, Trevor Semien comes in and leads the Jets to a 17-6 win.


Josh has a press conference again where he says "this sucks" after 3 turnovers in the game.


Bills fire Billy Buffalo saying he was responsible for not getting the fans fired up enough.

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If we could run the ball consistently, we could mimic what the Chargers did a few weeks ago, but that seems unlikely.

Allen needs to be smarter/better. The receivers *cough* Davis *cough* need to catch the catchable passes.

Defense just needs to what it's been doing but close out games better. Benford and Hyde may be returning, so that will help.

It's too bad the defense is so banged up. We probably have two more wins if they were healthy (Pats and Broncos). 

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I have a feeling the offense is going to come out real loose this week and just kind of throw it all over and run well. I don’t think they are relived or anything that Dorsey is gone but sometimes a change can spark some new excitement and energy.

A home game vs a division opponent with our backs against the wall. Play free and fast.

Bills 27
Jets 10

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1 minute ago, Trentwannabe said:

I’ll be really sad if we don’t take a WR in round 1. 5 years of a cheap deal for that position is great to have.

Davis will be gone.

Trade up for a real one if we're like, 18th too. None of this settling or getting jumped crap, make the move.

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