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2023 GDT week 12 Da Steelers 6-4 Visit Da Bengals 5-5

Steeler Hitman

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2 hours ago, Dcash4 said:

Tomlin and crew won’t let Pickens wear #1, an aesthetically pleasing number. But they will allow an ILB to wear #16, one of the worst numbers in all of sport. This should be a federal crime. Maybe treason. I don’t know. 

looking back at the late 80's and early 90's, both 16 and 14 should be taken out of circulation anyways. 

GP aint gonna like this is he.  Keep him happy by throwing a few go routes and then some for now on

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1 hour ago, warfelg said:


Blake Martinez was a tackling machine for a while.

this should help , good signing 

1 hour ago, warfelg said:


Jones is now the unquestioned starter at RT.

good, finally.  Maybe canada being gone helped this as well?

najee still RB1 , will he get more carries? 

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Cole and Daniels really made the 74 yard TD happen, lets see more of that from them.   The Bengals defence has not been that good this year either, a good week to bounce back. Maybe the canada firing was done now for this reason as well. Last week wouldn't have been a good week for a new OC thats for sure

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Here is my current mock:
Round 1: J.J. McCarthy QB Michigan
Round 2: Sedrick Van Pran Center Georgia
Round 3: Tommy Eichenberg ILB Ohio State
Round 4a: Ruke Orhorhoro DE Clemson
Round 4b: Jamari Thrash WR Louisville
Round 6: Jack Howell Safety Colorado State
Round 7: Javion Cohen Guard Miami (FL)

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11 minutes ago, DR43 said:

I cant tell if you're serious or not.  

If so, how can you justify us scoring 27 points?

Bengals defence hasn't been as good  and our defence will give the QB2 issues especially with their OL having some problems.  27 seems like a stretch, so maybe  Bos has a career day to get to 27

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18 minutes ago, VigilantZombie said:

Yes, I think the approach to play calling is going to finally be more conducive to what we do well (or can) 


if offence scored 14 TD's in 10 games, thats 1.4TD's a game  etc., FG's  defensive TD's aside :

IOW, we just need  10 more points total a game over what we had with canada's offence

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