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Playoff Picture - Thread the Needle


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I figured Id make this now, for two reasons; A) We have to win out for any of this to matter and B) Its going to get really murky for us to get in (likely the Strength of Victory tiebreaker)

Im assuming that GB wins tonight and the NYG lose, which all but officially knocks the Giants out. So that leaves 7 teams for 2 WC Spots (the runner up in the East is locked into the 5 seed);

  • Minnesota (7-6): @CIN, vDET, vGB, @DET
  • Green Bay (7-6): vTB, @CAR, @MIN, vCHI
  • Los Angles (6-7): vWAS, vNO, @NYG, @SF
  • Seattle (6-7): vPHI, @TEN, vPIT, @ARZ
  • Atlanta (6-7): @CAR, vIND, @CHI, @NO
  • New Orleans (6-7): vNYG, @LAR, @TB, vATL
  • Chicago (5-8): @CLE, vARZ, vATL, @GB

The Bears needs in other teams games will shift throughout the next month, so we really can only look at this week by week. But other than just being Bengals, Bucs, Commies, Eagles, and Giants fans in general, two games become pretty important; MIN/CIN and SEA/PHI

With the Dobbs experiment falling apart and losing Jefferson for the resto f the year most likely, the Vikings shouldnt be a big threat in this race, but oddly enough if they just go 2-2 they will be right there for the 7 seed (Raiders could have helped us all out yesterday) and its not that far fetched with the possibility that the Lions may be sitting everyone in week 18 against them. So if they sneak this out on Saturday, it keeps them in the hunt. (although a Win here would help our SOV later)

But more importantly, if the Seahawks can steal this Monday Night game at home against a reeling Eagles squad, they may not lose a game the rest of the season (Titans, Steelers, Cardinals) but I could honestly see them losing all of those as well. And even if they did drop one on the road to TEN or PIT can knock them off, a Win for the Seahawks would not only help them here in the W/L, but it would also very much help the Rams in the SOV, which will likely be one of the teams we are locked up with going down to tiebreakers

Side note: With the SOV being the likely tiebreaker we would go to if we were to make it in, that means we want everyone we have beat to also get some more wins. So while we wont be cheering for the Panthers to win, it wouldnt be the worst for them to get one more win, and it be against the Jaguars (the Week1 18 Bucs game is a wash) as well as the Packers to take off and grab hold of the #6 seed. And we are rooting for the Raiders every week from here on out. Then the Cardinals, Browns and Falcons for every week except when we play them

I know Im probably one of the only Psychos looking this deep into it right now, but Im doing it so you dont have to.

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3 minutes ago, TankWilliams said:

I see the Bears going 2-2 through the rest, L next week, 2 wins, and a loss against GB on the road.  I will say I'm shocked that this is even a possibility at this point with how terrible the start to the season was, and how awful they have looked at times.

You absolutely can not look past the Browns, especially with Flacco looking competent enough. But they cant run the ball anymore, and he is even more of a Statue back there than he was before. He is Joe Cool for a reason, but if we can get him to make some mistakes, we have a chance.

Thats also why I made this topic this week, because if we dont win out, it is nearly impossible. just dont see 8-9 getting anyone in, too many teams that at least a few get to 9 wins. 

And we can get into the GB game once we make it to Week 18, but there is a very good chance that they are completely locked in as the 6 seed, and might be resting anyone who is even nicked up, while we are playing for everything

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4 hours ago, JibjeResearch said:

The Bears have a chance against the Browns because their QB is not in his prime.  JF1 will have to make the big plays and be efficient.  The D will have to stand tall again. 

Every day that passes, the more I think you’re a ChatGPT Bot or something 

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7 minutes ago, CBears019 said:

Some drama, but Giants beat the Packers. Bears own draft pick moves up to #6 and the Packers lose.  Good day.  If only the Titans could have beat the Dolphins...

That was a massive ******* collapse. Garron (or however it's spelled) would have been better off having a stroke than fielding that punt. Then Levis with the trash toss? Lol.

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1 minute ago, Sugashane said:

That was a massive ******* collapse. Garron (or however it's spelled) would have been better off having a stroke than fielding that punt. Then Levis with the trash toss? Lol.

So...in my defense...I thought the Titans had lost to the Dolphins already when I posted that.  I now see that the Titans have most certainly not lost yet, in fact they are now winning.

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38 minutes ago, CBears019 said:

Titans beat the Dolphins as expected, I never doubted them for a single second.  Bears own draft pick goes back up to #5.  Today was good.

I would have gone 0-2 on a money line parlay, you just never know what you can expect in the NFL. 

Have to do some recalibration with GB losing and the Giants just as in it as we are (with a tougher schedule though)

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