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The California Angels Thread - Is Mike Trout Healthy Yet?


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On 7/14/2017 at 1:56 PM, The LBC said:

Welcome to where TLO and LBC sacrifice buckets of chicken and rum to Jobu in hopes of restoring the Fishy One to health... and to keep Albert's knees from exploding in twin clouds of dust.

I think I've given up on the hopes of Albert bringing any productivity for the duration of his deal 

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First AL team to 10 wins where my Angels fans at. This offense is ridiculous right now and they're getting Kinsler back today

Hopefully they have no more injuries to their starters. Already lost JC Ramirez(not a huge loss tbh) and Shoemaker is on the shelf. I like their depth more this year though especially with Jaime Barria looking like a viable option

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Ausmus fired after one season.  Arte won't commit to Eppler and stringing him along year-to-year while looking like he's going to be willing to throw a multi-year deal at Maddon who will then have more job security that his GM (the same GM who was initially saddle with Scoscia, finally got to hire his own manager last year only for Arte to can that guy a year later and woo a former Scoscia assistant.

God, I hate you, Arte Moreno!

I want my Cowboy back!

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