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Draft "What ifs"


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18 hours ago, AnAngryAmerican said:

As far as the bolded, you know what those people all have in common? They're wrong. 

But moving on. 


I hope Elway takes Baker just so I can sit back and watch you cry about it for months... xD

and we get it, you’re a part-time “journalist”

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8 minutes ago, BullsandBroncos said:

I think of all the top players, as long as we don't pick Denzel Ward, I''ll be ecstatic. Not BPA at all no matter who goes 1-4. Not to mention he can't help us anytime soon.

Ward would essentially start, even if he was the 3rd CB.  Ward is a damn good player.  Physical vs the run and mirrors with ease.  He’d make an impact from day 1.

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14 minutes ago, BullsandBroncos said:

I don't see him Better than Roby, Harris, or Johnson.

He's definitely better than Brock (which is who I think you mean).  He also has more upside than Roby.  Roby is a really good player, too.  Ward might not be better day 1, but Ward is fully capable of being a shutdown CB and one of the best at his position in the NFL.  His fluidity and closing speed is truly special and again, he isn't afraid to play the run.  The only knock on Ward is he is a bit undersized and could get over powered by some of the bigger WR's in the NFL.

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15 minutes ago, thebestever6 said:

I think ward is big enough to be a 1 he still has room to add weight to his 5 and 11 frame. Hes 192 I think 202 would be perfect. 

Champ was 6'0 200 

Champ played in an era where taller CB’s weren’t the norm.    And remember his vert was insane.  Ward has a great vert too just the game is overall bigger now   

Ward’s college tape showed he can get beaten with height with WR with box outs & size hurts him for run support.   He is willing but the gap in size is there. 

He’s a premium ball hawk like a Marcus Peters but the size does keep him from being at the Lattimore / Ramsey level.   Coverage wise he won’t get beat in pursuit or separation.  Why he’s the best pure CB this year by far. 

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