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Houston Astros Thread (PENA SZN)


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7 hours ago, Texansfan713 said:

How are we feeling?  @lumberjackchris @tab @Spartica4Real and especially @biggio7..iirc you live next to the Phillies fans right? lol

I'm getting kinda used to being in the World Series now lol, this team is insane. I REALLY want to win this one and shut up any remaining doubt about 2017 too. I feel good on paper but the Phillies are hot so hopefully JV shuts em down right away.

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Feels incredible 


so much doubt squashed, so many players I wanted to see get a ring… haters words feel so empty right now lol, I just want to laugh. And it feels so good to know that so many of these guys are going to be back with us next year and beyond

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On 11/2/2017 at 10:38 AM, Texansfan713 said:

Did yall get/order your WS gear yet?  Team shop open 24 hours and every academy has them.  I ordered on mlb.com (free shipping). Sucks I have to wait till Nov 15th for it to ship, but oh well.


Grey WS champs shirt they wore

World series champs decal

World series champs snapback

Orange Nike October Ready WS champs shirt

Orange team roster ws champs shirt

WS champs keychain

WS champs pennant

WS champs tumbler

i had to quote my post from 2017. LOL


Last night and today I have bought:


Grey WS champs they wore last night

the WS caps they wore last night

The parade WS champs snapback cap they will wear tomorrow at the Parade

Road cap with the WS champs patch on it

WS champs tumbler

WS champs pennant flag (the 2017 one in my room got lonely lol)

WS champs key chain

WS champs car flag

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I have a few WS items on my Christmas list but what I really want is a new jersey, preferably a gold lettered one like they had the first championship, PREFERABLY in orange


i can’t decide who I want it to be though. Kind of a toss up between Framber and Javier. I was down in some kind of way bad after game 3 and that No Hitter really just lifted me up massively, and Framber is simply awesome. Can’t decide 


Peña is cool but I’m not sure I want a rookie’s jersey yet

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