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The Cuts are coming - Dallas and around the league.


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48 minutes ago, DaBoys said:

Word is, we are going to keep Deonte Thompson over Lenior. 








I don't see us keeping 7 WRs

If this is the case Lenoir won't clear waiver and this decision could bite us in the butt, but it won't be the end of the world

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2 hours ago, Calvert28 said:
2 hours ago, DaBoys said:

Eagles cut Christian Hackenburg. Theres a chance he's better than Rush or White. The eagles have Wentz, Foles, and Nate Suddefield(whatever).  They weren't going to keep him

I would take a chance. 

Gross. So gross. No chance in hell. This is now the ~4th team he has been cut from in like a year. 

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