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Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

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11 hours ago, kramxel said:

I maybe going on a ledge here, but doesn't he need an accrued season to go into FA? Or just because he didn't sign the tag he's already going to be a FA next season?

Kind of confused on this one.


This article has an excellent breakdown on the contract dynamics:


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9 hours ago, 3rivers said:

good point because right now the league has quite a few capable RB's that will keep getting better.  Still, lower the QB salary, set a ceiling for them, and then let the RB's have 1 year less on their rookie deals and have incentive as well as a higher base salary.   Don't worry, the person handing off to the RB will still get about 10X what the RB is 9_9


8 hours ago, Pool said:

I think it'd be interesting if players were paid based on what tier they were in of their respective position. For example, top 5 positional talents get tier 1 money at 10m/yr whether you are a RB, QB,DE etc tier 2 gets 8m/yr etc.  I think the logistics make this completely unrealistic but I think it's asinine that the best o lineman gets paid less than the worst QB's. Just an interesting thought I had and I look forward to all of you telling me how dumb it is. :)

The problem is anything you do to lessen QB salaries also lessens parity. Could you imagine the Packers or Saints if their QBs didnt have ridiculous salaries? It would be unfair for the rest of the league. Its one of the reasons that the Pats are so successful (their QB is willing to take less). 

Greedy/great QB's gives the rest of the league a chance at competing with a more complete roster. 

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11 hours ago, JustAnotherFan said:

The Steelers offered him a pretty healthy front loaded 5yr/72M deal in 2017 with 30M of that paid out through the first 2 years (2017 & 2018) and 42M in the next 3 years. That would've been the most APY by a running back in history (12M).  

Adrian Peterson would like a word with you.

11 hours ago, JustAnotherFan said:

This makes zero sense. He has made a total 12M since the start of 2017. (An average of 6M a yr now, assuming he sits the rest of the year and I don't think I need to argue that part, right?) He has had several knee surgeries, two suspensions, is now (rightfully) being looked at as a selfish locker room cancer by his own peers, has sat entire year and now he is expecting teams to pay him MORE in the FA market than the Steelers offered him this past year AND in 2017?  GTFO.

Bell played himself and will look even more foolish and selfish when it's all said and done. 

Several knee surgeries?

And nah, if I were an elite workhorse, I wouldn’t hop into a contract that doesn’t protect me down the road. You can disagree with it and say take whatever money you can get because you’re taking a risk by leaving it, but it absolutely wasn’t the stupid move. 

The stupid move was making it a drama (team mates included). Holding out and not taking a team friendly deal though? Nah.

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Just so it's a little more balanced - DEN obviously has no dog in this show, interesting take...


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