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Name Someone On A Bad Contract You'd Take On Your NBA Team

the lone star

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With the Bucks, it's kind of tough because most of the guys on "bad" contracts that are good fall into that above average but not amazing category which is most of the roster aside from Giannis. I think it'd have to be Mike Conley I guess? Even then I wouldn't feel great about it.

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13 hours ago, beekay414 said:

None of them hence why they are called "bad contracts."

lol, well that's fair. The way I see it, after the Mavs get a decent player in free agency, they could then trade guys like Tim Hardaway, Courtney Lee, and Dwight Powell for one or two of those bad contracts and improve as a team in the process.

Obviously still gotta put the MLE to good use and make savvy signings with the vet min. Bringing back Barea would be dope.

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