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Gronk Watch Thread


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12 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

I think it's more likely Brady plays for 5 more years than it is Gronk comes back, to be honest.

Sooo your saying very likely?


Honestly he again had a quote today about how he has thought about how quick he could get into game shape and how he could play right now. He doesn't sound like a dude who is going to stay retired. It's all conjecture but it will be fun to post quotes in here all season and stoke the hype flames lol

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Eh, idk if he will ever play again. He keeps reiterating how painful football was and how he just wasn't up to it physically and emotionally anymore. And that's he had been considering retirement for a couple years already because he was so exhausted. Looking at his physique right now (he's very slender) there's no way he could get in football shape this year. Guess we will see if he changes his mind for next year but I just don't see it anymore.

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Considering some of the injury information he's put out on the wire, I wouldn't want to come back either.  I think he might be just hyping up his CBD product by going into how healthy he feels now.  

He did say in a Schefter podcast that if TB12 came and rubbed CBD oil on him he'd feel a lot better.... which was... creepy.

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36 minutes ago, Elky said:

Gronk is still retired, but the rumors of him returning are getting stronger.

If Gronk did in fact returned, do you think the pop at Gillette when his name is called would be as loud as when Triple H returned in 2002?

Considering how New England has probably the weakest home crowd in all of sports when it comes to noise, Triple H easily takes the cake..

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1 hour ago, DoleINGout said:

Gotta think the odds of Gronk coming back are up with AB in tow.

Also, odds go up that a lot of guys decide to retire after going 19-0. McCourty bro's, Chung, Develin, Brady, Scarnecchia, Belichick even? Who knows.

Yes and no though right cause didn’t they just blow the money they were saving for G?

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45 minutes ago, wwhickok said:

Jason McCourty adds to this as well and perhaps Devlin and Gostkowski.  Is anyone else really that old?


John Simon 29
Dont'a Hightower 29
Lawrence Guy 29
Stephon Gilmore 29
Rex Burkhead 29
Brandon Bolden 29
James Ferentz 30
Jamie Collins 30
Nate Ebner 31
James Develin 31
Marcus Cannon 31
Demaryius Thomas 32
Jason McCourty 32
Devin McCourty 32
Patrick Chung 32
Julian Edelman 33
Matthew Slater 34
Michael Bennett 34
Stephen Gostkowski 35
Tom Brady 42

Almost half the roster is 29+ and on the tail end of their careers

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Just now, Deadpulse said:

Well hot damn...I did not realize that 

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