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Week Five: Bucs (2-2) @ Saints (3-1)


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We all know the match ups

-Evans vs. Lattimore

-Godwin vs Apple

-Dot vs.Jordan

-Smith vs Davenport

-Kamara vs. David

- Thomas vs does it matter?

Some new match ups

-Sack Barrett vs. Armstead

-Suh/Vea vs.  Peat/Waford

I expect a really, really close game.  Can the Bucs secondary offer some resistance?  Curious to.see how Payton blocks Barrett.  Does he keep.a TE to block?  Can the Bucs defense continue to shut down the rushing lanes?

On offense, thought the Saints played a lot of 2 high man under in the second half of the game in Tampa.  Can the Bucs punish the Saints with rushing the ball.  Also, can they hit Howard down the seam if they stick to that defense because he was on IR when they played last.

It s fun to have a big game with some meaning.  As a Bucs fsn, I think it is a great time to play the Saints.  They played 2 emotional games against supposed playoff contenders.  And here comes the same old Bucs.  Yes, it is the right time


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I read today (can't find the tweet) that of Teddy's 87 attempts so far this season, only three have travelled for 20 or more yards through the air. His average air yards per attempt is like five. Both are dead last in the league. We need to continue shutting down elite RBs and force Teddy to beat us this week. I like our odds if we do.

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1 hour ago, bucsfan333 said:

I mean. The middle of the field has been wide open and TEs have almost 400 receiving yards against us this season.

Minter has done a good job, but doesn t have the speed of White.  I would feel a lot better with White out there because Kamara isn t staying in to pass protect.

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This is a very different Saints team. We are usually facing a high powered offense and an average or mediocre defense. Now it's the opposite. Their defense is MEAN.
It's becoming clear that our secondary is the biggest weakness on the team. Hopefully against Bridgewater they can build some confidence.
This is a very winnable game. Let's eat that W and get above .500!

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