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BDL 2019 Week 6 - Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Gotham Gashslayers


Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Gotham Gashslayers  

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BDL 2019 Week 6

Match:  Hawaii Nightmarchers @ Gotham Gashslayers

Away Owner: @Pickle Rick

Home Owner: @pheltzbahr

Vote for who you think will win this game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Hawaii Nightmarchers

Offensive Starters:

QB - Russell Wilson

RB - Tarik Cohen

WR1 - Stefon Diggs

WR2 - Auden Tate 

WR3 - Diontae Johnson

TE - Vance McDonald

LT - Cam Robinson

LG - Marshall Yanda 

C - Ryan Kelly

RG - Brandon Scherff 

RT - Bryan Bulaga 

Offensive Bench:

T - Taylor Decker

C - J.C. Tretter

G - Pat Elflein

RB - Alexander Mattison

WR1 off bench - Tre'quan Smith *INACTIVE*

WR2 off bench - Christian Kirk *INACTIVE*


Defensive Starters:

DE - Jadaveon Clowney

DT - DeForest Buckner

DT - Sheldon Rankins

DE - Frank Clark

OLB - Demario Davis

MLB - Roquon Smith 

OLB - Harold Landry

CB - Casey Heyward

CB - Marshon Lattimore

S - Anthony Harris

S - Eric Weddle 

Defensive Bench:

Slot CB - Bobby McCain

DE - Kyler Fackrell

DT - BJ Hill

DT - Chris Wormley

LB - Duke Riley

CB - Charvarious Ward

CB - Kendall Sheffield

S - Karl Joseph 



Gotham Gashslayers

QB - Carson Wentz

RB - Josh Jacobs

WR - Tyreek Hill

WR - Jarvis Landry

WR- Devante Parker

TE - Eric Ebron

LT - Jake Matthews

LG - Andrus Peat

C - Maurkice Pouncey

RG - Shaq Mason

RT - Mitchell Schwartz


RB - Kerryon Johnson

RB - Matt Breida

WR - Geronimo Allison

WR - Deon Cain

TE - Hayden Hurst

TE - Kyle Rudolph

OL - Kaleb McGary

OL - Michael Schofield


EDGE - Robert Quinn

INT - JJ Watt

INT - Dontari Poe

EDGE/SLB- Leonard Floyd

MLB - Benardrick McKinney

WLB - Zach Cunningham

CB - Xavier Rhodes

CB - Josh Norman

SCB - Rasul Douglas

S - Damarious Randall

S - Minkah Fitzpatrick


EDGE - Kemoko Turay

INT - PJ Hall

INT - Vernon Butler

LB - Germaine Pratt

CB - Jourdan Lewis

CB - Eric Rowe

S - Justin Simmons

S - Clayton Geathers


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Hawaii Nightmarchers


Motivation: Another crushing and demoralizing defeat last week has our team motivated to get that first win for  @Pickle Rick and @The Orca.  They have worked hard on perfecting a great new offensive look and are ready to pummel Gotham on their home turf. 

Offensive Base Formation: 3 WR set with 1TE in a  tight formation, 2 bunched tight to the boundary (at times stacked) with 1 isolated on the flip side.  



Tempo: We will be playing really fast again this week to really create confusion and mistakes for Gotham's defense that is week on the outside.  Our tempo will pretty much stay the same, on 1st down if we gain enough yards to stay ahead of the chains we will run the next play at lightning speed (snap the ball within 15 seconds).  There will be no substitutions and force the D to try and adjust to keep up.  As long as we stay ahead of the chains or gaining first downs we will keep the tempo going fast.  However, unlike most fast tempo teams, once we get behind the chains or move to 3rd and medium or long we will slow things back down and get the right play calls in to keep the chains moving.  This style will allow us to move fast and tire out the D, but also eat clock and allow our D to rest.  That is the main issue with fast tempos, if you go 3 and out in 20 seconds your D does not have a chance to rest, which is why we will move fast when ahead of the chains and slow down when behind them.  

Playcalling Distribution:

50% pass

10% run

20% playaction pass

20% RPO

Personnel Changes: We are moving back to a TE base formation with McDonald healthy which will allow us to be more flexible and take advantage of mismatches and the middle of the field. 

Running: Our running game this week will again be used primarily to set up our passing game.  However, that said, we expect to break some big plays with Cohen running strictly due to our tempo and formations forcing Gotham into some bad setups and decisions.  It appears people underestimate our play style bc big plays will be happening a lot.  It doesnt matter if we have Cohen, Lattimore, or Barkely as the back.  It is the system, formations, and tempo that create chaos and missed assignemnts and that is what leads to big running plays.  We can put @Whicker in our backfield and he can still get big runs when the opposing team is not aligned and set up properly. 

With most of our offensive sets having our players tight, it will force Gotham to bring everyone into the box allowing our WR's and TE to create an edge making the outside runs available to Cohen and Lattimore.  Cohen is great in space and people need to remember that just bc he is being misused by the Bears doesn't mean we are.....

Our runs will be focused more on the outside, they will be primarily tosses, and runs to the outside of the tackle where the WR's have sealed the edge for our RB.   

We will be running many more RPO's with quick out routes from the inside receivers and quick slants from the outside receivers.  The runs in this setup will be traps up the middle to attack the lineman who have been setup by a heavy outside rushing attack. 

Passing: This is where we will take advantage of Gotham's defense.  Their run D is best asset they have.  By playing with our fast tempo their DB's will get confused and be out of position allowing us to get huge chunk plays with ease.  We expect Gotham to come out with a man D and this will allow our passing game to pick them apart. 

When not running our base play, we will be focused on running quick slants, out routes, and crossing patterns to get mismatches and bad positioning from their DB's.   This will get the ball out of Wilson's hands well before a pass rush can get to him.  These routes also will be able to pick apart the D coverage, whether its man or zone.  To help out with pass blocking, the RB will help on whichever DE is playing better, before flaring out to be an outlet for Wilson if the WR's cant get open.  

Our main passing play, which we will run 25% of the time (when passing) is designed to take advantage of their man D.  With Gotham most likely in man, this play will force defenders deep with their back to the line of scrimmage.  If they get beat, or are not aligned properly as happens often bc of our tempo, we should have easy pass and catch opportunities.  Auden Tate has been a TD magnet early in the season and we expect that to continue as Gotham focuses on Stefon Diggs. 

The great aspect to our base play is that if Gotham is in Man, Russel Wilson will be able to get lot of yardage on the ground before sliding to avoid a hit.  We have told Wilson this week to specifically look for these opportunities and if he sees it, RUN BABY, RUN!!!



Audibles: Wilson will have free reign to check out of the runs and into passes to take advantage of poor alignments from Gotham's D. Most of our offense works off of pre-snap reads and Wilson will be able to get us into the plays we want with the simple offense. Don't underestimate these reads and audibles.  They are what makes this offense go.  It's not a player personnel game, it's an alignment and play call type of game.

Defense Base Formation: 4-3 defense, switching to Nickel in passing downs and dependent upon ingame situations.  The 4-3 D will be able to pack the box and stuff any resemblance of a rungame from Gotham as well as matchup with their TE's in the passing game. 


Defensive Base coverages:

Cover 3 - 35 %

Quarters - 30 %

Tampa 2 - 25%

Cover 2 Man Under - 5%

Cover 1 Man - 5%


Playstyle: We are expecting Gotham to come out with 2 TE's again so we will be sticking to our 4-3 base D.  We will be playing almost entirely zone (Cover 3, Quarters, and Tampa 2).  This will allow us to run blitz on early downs to stop their run game.  On passing downs our zone defense will prevent any deep balls from going through.  The LB's zoning the middle will put a stop to any mismatches that Gotham may think they will have by going with a second TE over a WR.  If they do switch out the 2nd TE for a WR we will mostly play quarters.  We hope to play a bend but don't break kind of defense with mixing zone coverages.  With Carson Wentz having a lot of accuracy issues we will also be showing blitz up to the snap and then fall back into our zone.  The accuracy issues from Wentz combined with our changing zone coverage will almost assuredly result in a few interceptions as he is scrambling from the pressure our d-line will be providing us.  Speaking of our d-line, to help out on pass rushes we will be flipping Franks and Clowney around to get Clowney opposite the RB as to force them to switch or leave Clowney rushing one on one with the Tackle.  To double down on movement, we will be running a number stunts to the strongside in order to shoot the gaps and gain penetration resulting in TFL's.  

Tl;dr: Offense will be very fast uptempo from a 3WR, 1 TE tight formation (2 WR either bunched or stacked) where we pick the spots to go fast.  25% of the time running deep routes with a couple check downs allowing Wilson to take off and run when Gotham is in Man.  The rest of the time, quick passing game across the middle with a higher frequency of RPO's to take advantage of open space created by the formations.  Defense will be predominately 4-3 zone D, to combat the 2 TE formation from Gotham.  Zone D will create turnovers from Carson Wentz as his accuracy passing has hovered around 50% all year.  Stunts by the d-line are designed to get penetration by shooting the gaps resulting in TFL's.



Gotham Gashslayers

OFFENSE - 3WR/TE/RB (60 pass 40 run)


We welcome back Tyreek Hill back into the lineup this week and look for him to open up our offense, allowing a dynamic weapon to be accounted for while opening up our run game.

Passing Game - Attacking Hawaii’s CBs will be a theme this week as we come out in a 3 wide set.  As Hawaii has typically come out with 2 CB base sets, we will force a LB off the field and have Ward or Sheffield on the field.  We are going to test this group early and have Wentz look for single coverage on Hill or Landry and exploit the talent mismatch there.  We will utilize RPO and play action to keep Hawaii’s strong EDGE defenders from pinning their ears back.

Running Game - Facing a lighter box, we will pound the rock with Jacobs to keep the chains moving, looking to methodically work our way down the field.  Behind our elite run blocking O Line, Jacobs should have success and wear down an interior D Line that doesn’t have much in the way of depth.  We feel this will be a difference maker in the second half as they tire and are less effective.

We will also mix in 4 wide and 2 wide 2 TE sets to mix it up a bit.


DEFENSE - 4-2-5 Nickel


Russell WIlson is one of my favorite NFL players, I have been a fan since the days of tbod.  Fortunately for us, we are not facing another of my favorites in Saquan Barkley. We come out in 4 man front nickel with the objective of containing DangeRuss in the pocket and forcing Hawaii to become a one dimensional passing attack.

Run Defense - We don’t feel Tarik Cohen can handle a full load and is more of a gadget/change of pace player.  With that said, we look for Hawaii to use him less as a between the tackles runner and more as a ”screen game as run game” weapon.  Minkah Fitz will primarily play up in the box with coverage duties on him. McKinney and Cunningham should be able to clean up Cohen to prevent chunk plays.

Pass Defense - This is the strength of Hawaii’s attack, but pass defense is a strength of ours as well.  We will play primarily man coverage, but play sides with Rhodes and Norman. We have elevated Rasul Douglas to starting Slot CB as he is having a great start to his season with the Eagles.  Damarious Randall plays centerfield safety and will shade to Diggs over the top, forcing Russ to throw into double coverage if he looks his way deep. Cunningham draws McDonald on a read/react role.

Pass Rush - We think this is an important aspect to limiting Russ and will employ a couple wrinkles to achieve.  First, we are rushing 4 and leaving 7 in coverage, rarely blitzing in this match. Wilson evades the blitz extremely well and extends plays, always keeping his eyes downfield.  We’re not going to allow for this creativity to hurt us. Secondly, our EDGE rushers will look to collapse/contain the pocket, forcing pressures, but maybe not as many sacks. We dont want Wilson escaping the pocket and using his legs to move the chains.  Third, we instruct our interior linemen to get their hands up on quick throws to cause deflections, and maybe a turnover.


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