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Week 9 GDT: Giants vs. Cowboys 11/4/2019 @ 8:15pm EST


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 Win this game. That's all i want. I don't care we lose every single game the rest of this season. My personal psychotic hatred of the Cowboys is back. After what Demarcus Lawrence pulled on that little kid who was asking for his autograph.. There is no call for that. All because he was wearing a Giants jersey. Ya i wanna see blood, broken bones, bodies getting dragged off the field. I got nothing else to say about this one. All is i want is BEAT THIS F---IN TEAM. 

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18 minutes ago, Acgott said:

Sheppard officially back. Let’s get a full offense 

Ballentine as well.

Jones has been money the past 2 games outside of the first quarter of each. Let's see him string together a complete game at home with a fully stacked offense.

Just like week 1, I have almost no hope of winning this game because the Cowboys match up so well against us, but it'd be nice to give a primetime viewing audience a game worth watching. Kyler Murray made one good throw in a loss last night and everyone went insane over it because it happened in prime time.

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20 hours ago, Acgott said:

Very late flare up is not good with his concussion 


Not good, but not abnormal. He still needs more time to recover. Glad he feels comfortable enough to express that to the coaching/training staff and the staff takes it serious enough to make sure he is alright.

Don't understand saying "shut him down for the season". Let him work his way back and when he feels alright, he'll play. It may not be the rest of this season, but let him work his way back.

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