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GDT 11/17/19 Week 11: 7-2 Baltimore Ravens vs 6-3 Houston Texans


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good to finally get on the board

9 minutes ago, diamondbull424 said:

Sheesh. I have some serious lag on the telecast it seems. Seemingly about a legit minute or two.

Same.  Saw that TD on Red Zone about 10 secs before it happened on my stream of the actual game

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1 minute ago, Danand said:

It seems the Texans so far want to prevent the runs and deep pass. They rush 4 and try to let Jackson find receivers short of the sticks


Absolutely. And it also looks like they’re challenging Lamar to beat them with his legs. He’s been getting a lot of room on that QB keep on the pistol read option. They’re overplaying the RB. I think Lamar will kill them for a long gainer in the second half it that’s the way they continue to play it.

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