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Kobe Jersey Retirement


Which # Should Be Retired?  

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  1. 1. Which # Should Be Retired?

    • 8
    • 24
    • Both

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Both #8 and #24 should definitely be retired by the Lakers.  My favorite Kobe was probably during the 2009 season; the same year he won his first title without Shaq.  During those playoffs Kobe played great and was so unselfish.  He was a willing passer and adapted to becoming more of a team player because he wanted to win so badly and after being on really bad teams, he was extremely hungry.

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3 hours ago, coors said:

Does anyone else have a guy with 2 numbers retired? Both would be cool.

The only other star player I can think of that had two jersey numbers with the same team is Jason Kidd with the Mavericks (5 and 2), but that was only because he had two different stints with the team and 5 was taken when he came back. I can't think of anybody else who just decided to change his number in the middle of his career. I'd say he deserves to have both of them retired because he was elite with both numbers.

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