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Week 3 - Rams at 49ers TNF


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1 minute ago, Car_Ramrod said:

Would have liked to see us go play action on instead of running Gurley 3  times in a row.

It was the right call. Exactly what this team should be doing. If Sullivan is still in there it's an easy punch in. 

Also if Everett is lined up correctly (less of a split) and locks the right guy Todd is in easy there.

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Just now, JonStark said:

Woods really made me a fan. The way he handled what happened last week and took responsibility, and his play tonight has been great.

I can only imagine he took it harder than anyone bashing him but he totally has responded tonight. Rams have so many weapons that Everett and Kupp hasn't been a factor and they put up 30 on the board. Tavon getting into the action tonight. 

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