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UDFA Binky


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Who are you all attaching your wagons too?

WR Will Hastings, Auburn 

TE Rashod Berry, Ohio State 

WR Isaiah Zuber, Mississippi State 

QB J’Mar Smith, Louisiana Tech 

CB Myles Bryant, Washington

DT Bill Murray, William & Mary 

LB De’Jon Harris, Arkansas 

WR Sean Riley, Syracuse 

RB J.J. Taylor, Arizona 

LB Kyahva Tezino, San Diego State 

DE Nick Coe, Auburn

DT Courtney Wallace Jr, Louisiana Tech

QB Brian Lewerke, Michigan State

WR Jeff Thomas, Miami 

DE Trevon Hill, Miami 

TE Jake Burt, Boston College




Im probably going with Jeff Thomas


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While I was more than disappointed they didn't select a single WR in the draft, I do really like what I see from Jeff Thomas and Isaiah Zuber. Thomas has some Antonio Brown to him, attitude included though....

Hoping he takes advantage of an opportunity of a lifetime and straightens the narrow. He's talented no doubt..

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Thomas apparently has issues like others mentioned but play wise he is a fit. Doubt he beats out Gunner and others to be the returner and occasional receiver.

I thought it was a bad joke at first because of the draft picks the Pats made where they made them but I have grown to like Bill Murray a bit at DT.

I think several guys on that list will stick in one form or fashion, especially with two extra squad spots available now.

After Murray, I like Myles Bryant.

On offense, best chances to stick I think are J'Mar Smith, the two tight ends, and JJ Taylor at RB. All likely practice squad guys though, including Bryant.

My predication is Bill Murray makes the team as an UDFA.

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No minicamp this year, so I can't gauge the hype around these players and Lewerke is the only one I've seen playing, being an MSU fan (he's pure trash). I'll default to the QB, I guess: Smith.

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I really like the approach the Pats are taking in regards to (not) drafting WR.  I look at WR as X Mas Ornament. You need the (OL and QB) tree or there useless. The only thing that I care about is (WR) his natural abilities playing the position. Yes they have limitations (small) however they can play. Pats over the years in general looked for big WR when drafting that hasn't worked in 20 years.  PS  I'm not saying I'm happy we passed on WRs. There were many in the middle and late rounds I liked.   This approach was why I loved the Meyers signing and why I was pissed we passed on KJ Hill. They can  (production) play the position.

Bold possible PS.


WR Will Hastings, Auburn -------------------   Big advantage working with Sid.  Can he play ST.

TE Rashod Berry, Ohio State   --------------   Depends how effective he plays multiple positions.

WR Isaiah Zuber, Mississippi State  -----  No chance, you can always say your were signed by the Patriots.  

QB J’Mar Smith, Louisiana Tech   ---------   Oh Ya watch the LSU tape. He and his team got killed. However watch closely his play. Reads and moves in pocket.

CB Myles Bryant, Washington  -----------   N/A

DT Bill Murray, William & Mary   -----------    No chance in hell. To slow and small  move like a old NT.

LB De’Jon Harris, Arkansas   -----------------  Thumper always has a chance.

WR Sean Riley, Syracuse   --------------------- Has to show WR skills. Can he learn route tree and understan offense. ST skills of the charts.

RB J.J. Taylor, Arizona    ----------------------   All depends on his passing skills. Limited in the run game. You see home run skills however not much between tackles.

LB Kyahva Tezino, San Diego State   ------ N/A

DE Nick Coe, Auburn    ---------------------------   Under achiever that has the skills. Lazy never live up to the hype.

DT Courtney Wallace Jr, Louisiana Tech ----  He will work however does he have size and strength at the NFL level.

QB Brian Lewerke, Michigan State  ------------  Watched him at the ( stunk) combine, he was as good as his career. Only chance is his abilities to grasp (offense) information

WR Jeff Thomas, Miami   ------------------------   All World however All World pain in the ***. He'll  have a great camp and than hold out for (Top) WR money !!!!! Idiot. 

DE Trevon Hill, Miami      ---------------------  Can he work on the outside off line of scrimmage. Has skills

TE Jake Burt, Boston College   -------------   BC turn out functional TEs. Can he block and stay healthy.  Blocks, goodbye Izzo the glass man!


Ok My breakdowns over. Drum roll please!!!! 

    QB J’Mar Smith, Louisiana Tech  He has skills and as a third QB he can work the other teams offense. EX Ravens. He not a running QB but he has the athletic ability to do so.  

WR Will Hastings, Auburn -   He has worked with Sid but can he play ST. Not known for ST play can he do it or was he protected do to injuries.

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