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Nick's All-NFL Rebuild Draft - Discussion Thread


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I'm going to do quick breakdowns of every team in the next few days, starting with @CHOMP_CHOMP. I'm sure these will be slightly controversial as I'm sure everyone loves their own teams. These are obviously just my own opinion of the teams! 

Chomp Chomp:


QB: I can probably say the least about teams here. Kyler Murray has potential and showed great promise despite a lacking supporting cast around him last year. He has great accuracy and completes lots of passes, showing a very good 64% completion percentage. Unfortunately that comes with only 6.9 YPA and 48 sacks. Taysom Hill is the gadget back up who can come in for some packages. I don't have a lot of faith in Jarrett Stidham or Taysom Hill to sustain this offense in the even Murray is injured. 

RB: Aaron Jones is an above average running back who is an obvious threat when on the field in both the run game and the pass game. He is still young at 25, but this was his only year starting and even playing in all 16 games. That can both be a benefit as he has less milage, but also reason for some doubt as to whether he regresses or takes this production further. Behind Jones is Jamal Williams who wasn't quite as effective when he subbed in for Jones, and another real life back up Mattison who showed promise when he played but needs projection. 

WR: The strength of this team is definitely at WR. Cooper provides the route running, man coverage breaking, skill level. His flaw has always been disappearing in big games though and in this format would have been an amazing #2 but definitely worthy of a mid-level #1 WR. Parker had been a breakout candidate for a few years and finally showed his skill set and able to stay mostly healthy, putting up 16.7 yards per reception. Parker's obvious flaw is health as he seems perpetually injured but compliments Cooper well. Marquise Brown rounds out this group as the speedster who has game breaking speed/ability. Like Parker, health is his biggest flaw with his size being a concern for that as well. For these top 3 players, age is minimally a concern with Parker the eldest at 27 years old. Chomp rounds out his depth with Cooks who is mostly a deep threat speedster with injury concerns, and N'keal Harry a former 1st rounder with size who missed his rookie year with an injury, and KJ Hamler who shares a similar projection as Brown. Overall, Chomp did a great job of complimenting skill sets of his players, each providing unique strengths and weaknesses that can be highlighted depending on matchups. While the players are great, the entire group besides Cooper has questions regarding health. In my mind that downgrades this group as I can realistically see one or two of these WRs being injured at various points in a 16 game season through the years. 

TE: Hooper has already shown to be an above average TE and at 25 years old, will continue to improve and provide value for years. He already has 2 pro bowls under his belt, but I don't see him being an all-pro level player. Jonnu Smith is both athletic and a very good blocker who provides great depth and potential for 2 TE sets.

OL: The left side of the line has potential to be stand out. Tyron Smith is still an elite LT but has missed 3 games in each of the past 4 seasons due to injuries. Joel Bitonio is a great LG as well with all pros and multiple pro bowls under his belt. Ryan Jensen is an underrated center as well. The right side of Chomp's line is the biggest question mark. Taylor Decker at RT has potential to be a top flight pass protector but is inconsistent. He put up his best season to date last year as an above average tackle. Vaitai is the glaring weakness in this line. He struggled in the snaps he took there with the Eagles and has only started in spot duties from injuries. He could be good but, in this smaller format, should not be starting. Overall, Chomp's offensive line has experience (besides RG) and talent. They are a bit older (late 20's) but we all know offensive lineman can play much longer than other positions so that isn't too great of a concern. Notable depth is Tytus Howard and Isaiah Wynn as the swing tackles and a trio of rookies on the interior who will be able to develop as starters begin showing their age. 

Overall Offense: Team composition wise, I greatly appreciate how thoughtful Chomp was about selecting players who compliment each other very well. This is a well rounded team that can attack teams in a variety of ways. This won't be the most dynamic offense in this format but can definitely be effective early with good potential down the road depending on Murray's development. My biggest concern is with depth, especially with the injury concerns of many of this team's starters. Brandin Cooks is the most established backup on this offense who has injury concerns himself as well. That right side of the offensive line would be a clear attacking point for opposing defenses as well. 

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D-Line: Chomp's defensive line is very well balanced, and an overall strength of the team. TJ Watt has proved to be a superstar who can create game changing turnovers as evidenced by his absurd 14 forced fumbles the past two years. At 25 years old, he'll be a force for a long time. Flowers is a balanced player and a solid compliment to Watt. The back up ends are rookies so the 15% of plays they are in on are the times opposing offenses should try to take advantage. While the middle of the line isn't quite as star studded, they have a bit more depth. Vita Vea is a run defending force with potential. He isn't a good pass rusher, but he has athleticism to develop. Hargrave is another better run defender than pass rusher but can help put defenses into third and long situations then have enough to pressure on third downs. Hurst gets to come off the bench for Vea and provide a little more rush. Overall this is a young group and collectively, one of the better groups in this format. 

Linebacker: Leighton Vander Esch posted a great rookie year before last year was derailed by injuries. He has shown to be a top 10 linebacker in the league when healthy, being a standout vs the run and a very good pass defender as well. We all know Isaiah Simmons and the potential he possesses, coming into the league as a rookie. This group will rely a bit on the health of Vander Esch as this can be a difference making group, or just another group. There are nice players who can take on specialized roles behind them such as Mayo and De'Vondre  Campbell (a very effective run defender but atrocious pass defender despite all the athleticism). Dion Hamilton is a nice pass coverage backer as well to round out the group. Starters wise, again, balanced and a top 5 unit in this format when healthy. 

Coverage: Lets start off with where all our eyes go. Safeties: Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Derwin James. Both all-pro capable safeties. Not really much to say tbh... Add in Marcus Williams who is underrated and an excellent center fielder, and you have the best safety group in this format, not even close. At corner, Chomp's #1 is Marcus Peters. Going into the draft, I thought there had to be the right type of team around Peters for me to view him as a strength, and not a weakness. Chomp made that happen by giving him great support with the safeties he selected. Fitzpatrick will allow Peters to do what he does best, create turnovers, while minimizing the downfalls when he gets beat. Peters has had a bit of up and down career so far but ended last year with all-pro honors and stays in the same style defense that made that happen. Steven Nelson was a great compliment to Peters as he has #1 potential and excels in zone. Brian Poole had an excellent year last year after being much of an after thought with the falcons. There is nice depth here as well with Carlton Davis as a boundry corner. 

Overall Defense: Wow this is a start studded group. Chomp did exactly what you would expect of a team surrounded by a young QB. This defense is formidable, and young. Again, some questions regarding health and Vander Esch and James have some injury concerns, but there is enough depth on this defense to be able to sustain if that happens. Chomp again does an excellent job of finding complimentary pieces that mesh well together. I really don't see a weakness on this defense other than maybe edge depth. 


Special teams: Clear weakness of the team. Greg Joseph at kicker looked good but is far from a sure thing at Kicker. For a team that is going to rely on defense while the offense tries to do just enough to win the game, special teams can be the limiting factor. Rigoberto Sanchez is going to be one of the bottom punters in this format as well, with a net avg rank of 16th in the league last year. KJ Hamler as a returner did some good things in college but is pure projection at this point. 


Coaching Staff: Chomp's coaching staff, like his offense, is potential strung. Bieniemy is an offensive coach sitting behind a clearly great offensive head coach in Andy Reid. Who knows how he will do as a Head Coach. He can be great like Doug Peterson has been, or he can fail as countless other head coaches have. Freddy Kitchens did some great things as a coordinator for Cleveland before utterly failing as a head coach and regressing that star studded offense. Joe Brady was great in college, but the NFL is a whole nother ball game. Again, great potential, but I would not view those two as positives, especially together. On defense however... "Wink" will keep that defense as the top defense in this format and really challenge opposing offenses. 


Overall Team: There is LOTS to like about this team, especially on defense. It is a well rounded group with intentional player choices leading to promising cohesion potential. Offense could struggle to put up some points given the right side of the offensive line isn't that strong, and Murray's inexperience and tendency to throw short and take sacks. The team also has a concerning amount of players with injury concerns that could really hamper their season, needing the perfect health situation going into the playoffs to really compete for a title. Long term, Murray's development is the main factor in determining how successful they can be 4-10 years down the line when that formidable defense starts to age. Coaching is another big projection that really hamstrungs this team as its difficult to imagine a rookie HC and rookie OC can truly elevate the team past their skill level. 

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3 hours ago, grizmo78 said:

Hope ya'll dont end up expecting this daily... I'll try to do as many teams as I can though! Maybe not quite in as much detail though... 

Thanks....I'm still on vacation. I may look at recovering the sim when I come back now that I've had my moment to be salty. I may just start over and just do it by full seasons. 

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On 6/19/2020 at 6:01 PM, bcb1213 said:

I'll take Justin Houston for a Bosa, Garrett, Houston trio of havoc 

Drew Brees short term starter teaching Danny Dimes works wonderful too 


On 6/19/2020 at 6:04 PM, Blue said:

Bcb, please. You can't teach talent.


On 6/19/2020 at 6:06 PM, Blue said:

It does take special talent to be that bad and still a better option than Eli Manning, for sure.


On 6/19/2020 at 6:22 PM, bcb1213 said:

Was only 66 geesh 


Give him the Sean Payton system he'll be fine 


On 6/19/2020 at 6:25 PM, festiveonion said:

Lol he’s a solid enough guy to have in a 12 team setup like this. 

I like him a lot better with Brees 


On 6/19/2020 at 6:28 PM, bcb1213 said:

I know he's smart enough and athletic enough for the system.  His arm was better than I expected.  Obviously the dropsies are bad but Hopefully he can get coached out of of that 


On 6/19/2020 at 6:37 PM, festiveonion said:

Hahahha agree to disagree. If at least 24 QBs are gonna be ‘drafted’ Jones absolutely should be one of them 


On 6/19/2020 at 6:39 PM, Tyronnosaurus said:

If this is for 7-10 years how is Jones not a good pick for this? I don’t think Jones is the next Peyton Manning but he definitely has high potential.


On 6/19/2020 at 6:40 PM, Blue said:

Ah, you're counting the backups too. Fair enough then.

If you're going to draft a young quarterback, draft one who might actually be good, not Butt Fumble 2.0.


On 6/19/2020 at 6:45 PM, bcb1213 said:

You all should listen to Blue. I mean his qb had two turnovers a game as a rookie and he hasn't improved at all.....

Sipping Kermit The Frog GIF

TNF discussion in BDL made me think of simpler times when we could compare Daniel Jones to Deshaun Watson and somehow not be joking.

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