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Will a rookie QB ever start in the Super Bowl


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No doubt. Will a rookie lead a team to the SB and then start - not likely, but possible if drafted into a great situation (say Burrow getting drafted by the Cowboys).

But what's more likely is an aging vet gets injured in the playoffs, and a rookie is thrown into the fire.

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Based off Mark Sanchez and Big Ben (who are the closest I can think of off the top of my head) the likely formula is ~top 10 rookie QB pick +stacked defense a good run game and get another RB to add to the run game in the same (or near) class for depth and have a veteran WR group.

Like Big Ben went 11th but was third in his class after Eli and Rivers. Sanchez was 5th with a trade up with the Browns and was same class as Stafford.

Steelers had Jerome Bettis and UDFA'd Willie Parker. Jets (year one) Thomas Jones, and (year two) had Ladainian Tomlinson and took Shonn Greene in like 3rd or 4th round.

So looking forward to 2021, there is a shot at such a scenario. Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields are both special special and there are a handful of other maybe 1st guys like Trey Lance and surely someone else can emerge. If some team like the Indianapolis Colts just fall flat on their face and end up in position to take Lawrence or Fields that could be the type of team I could see starting a rookie in the SB. A team if an offensive line, weapons available at WR that area adjusted to the NFL (Hilton, Paris Campbell, Michael Pittman), and (if failed that means no Rivers/Brissett money at QB so they can basically cherrypick FA to build the last pieces to their defense) and a run game with Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack. Steelers if Ben retires after another injury year or whatever is a similar situation I think, though a Colts one is basically an ideal landing spot.

The only way a team is realistically making it to the SB in the Mahomes/Jackson era though is through a run game (ie. Titans were a threat) a similar model might work which a rookie (talented) QB on a cheap deal might inspire.

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Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez are the only two rookie QB's to win multiple playoff games - so year, I would say it is possible and will happen one day, but it will take a great team and a QB to land in the right place immediately and outperform his draft status.

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Big Ben and Mark Sanchez were close to becoming the first but I wouldn't have given them much credit if they had. They weren't really the main contributors to their team's success. Take Mahomes first start(2017) as a example which is on record his worst performance to date and that was on a playoff team. QBs usually need 2 Full Training camps to get complete control of the offense. 


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