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Raiders trade 2020 3rd round pick Lynn Bowen Jr to Dolphins


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Some at the team facility thought the rookie was more concerned with picking up new cars than the playbook, and on the field Bowden looked measured and not explosive. On top of a lack of breakaway speed, he was always getting blasted when it was his turn to pass block. 

influence on other rookies like Henry Ruggs III and Damon Arnette. 

Suddenly, that slide rule that teams use to measure talent versus potential risks tilted toward the conclusion that keeping Bowden was a losing proposition


Context as to why we were eager to move on.

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I love this deal.  I wanted Bowden in the 3rd as a slot WR and gadget player.  I can't believe the Raiders were using him as a RB.  He may not impact the game much in 2020, but his skillset is quite obviously that of a slot WR.  

After all the smoke clears, the Raiders/Dolphins transactions equate to:

1 year of Raekwon McMillion and a 5th round pick


4 years of Lynn Bowden Jr and a 6th round pick (with the Raiders picking up the $1 million or so signing bonus)

That's quite obviously a good deal on paper for Miami.  


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10 hours ago, RaidersAreOne said:

Any word on how Bowden has looked in practice with you guys?

Don't think he got time to practice so far. He's just been so busy signing his loan documents and sorting through all the options for his new car.

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